What do Hugh Jackman, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Serena Williams have in common? They all work with a life coach.


There is a misconception, amongst some, that coaches help people who are unable to help themselves. The truth is, the more successful someone is, the more likely they have or are working with a personal coach.  

Coaching clients are not broken, sad, depressed, “hopeless” or suffering.  People who seek coaching are usually extraordinarily driven, passionate, successful and have a huge dream or vision they wish to create For Serena it was to win a grand slam, despite injuries. For Leonardo it was to persist in his career, hone his craft and finally win a well overdue Oscar. Oprah attributes much of her success to her own coach of 25 years, and advocates coaching to her many fans. Hugh Jackman has referred to his coach, Tony Robbins, as a bright light.

Why do such successful people work with coaches?

Because they are human beings, just like the rest of us.

They may battle with finances, health or relationships at some stage throughout their life.

They may wish to develop and expand their career or grow their business.

They may be feeling “stuck”.

Life may have thrown them a curve ball (divorce, illness or redundancy) and they are seeking clarity around their next move.

They want to achieve their goal faster by obtaining professional assistance to set strategy or break through an unhelpful mindset.

They may suffer from procrastination and wish to be held accountable around the actions required in the pursuit of their goals.

They are tired of people telling them what they “should’ do. They want to do things their way.

They know the best investment they can make, is in themselves. 

Or as per the case with one of my current clients – they feel they cannot share their extraordinarily huge vision with friends and family for fear of being told it’s “impossible”. They want someone to believe in them and their dream. Someone to help them move around and over the obstacles in their way.

A coach is neither a counsellor nor a therapist. Coaches are not here to “fix” you because you are not broken.  Coaching clients are healthy and motivated action takers.

A coach’s role is to help you make your incredible dreams a reality. 

If you have utilised the services of a qualified and experienced coach, not only have you taken your life to the next level, you’re in very good company!