You jump on to you laptop to get some much needed work done. Just quietly, it has been 3 weeks since you said to yourself you would do ‘it’. Finally, you have logged on. Then, the lighthearted decision to check LinkedIn and Facebook; who knows there may be an urgent message waiting in your inbox for you.

feeling stuck

It doesn’t stop there. You begin to search other businesses, then google programs, concepts, products. You tell yourself you are ‘learning’. At the end of the day, you feel stuck with where you are headed & yep, procrastination at its very best.

We all know continuing on this path will be your ultimate success sabotage. You will go around in circles, filling precious time with actions that are not at all productive.

Lucky for you I did my major research topic on procrastination when I was studying my life coaching certification. Plus, since then I have been lucky enough to work with over one thousand clients, building even more vital experience in this area.

My top 5 tips to stop overwhelm, procrastination and feeling stuck are:

  1. Is your business REALLY what you want to do? I know this can open up a whole ‘can of worms’, however is it about what you want, or what you think you SHOULD be doing? This can mean we never really feel inspired from the get go, so deep down everything feels like a huge chore. What will it take to create YOUR business
  2. Check in with your self talk. Is you language saying “I can…” or “I will…”? Is it coming from a place of encouragement? If you wouldn’t like the tone from someone else, best not to use it on yourself…it may work once, yet over time, you will get sick of working with a bully in your own mind – and actually stop working.
  3. Self belief is critical. So, do you believe in who you are in business? Yes this is different to point number 1. Real confidence is vital in your business. Especially when you are the face of your brand.
  4. When we look at a giant piece of work to get done, we tend to be put off. It seems too hard & too big. Break it down into little steps. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Simple.
  5. What is your WHY? You decided to be in business because you had a WHY, a PURPOSE for you. What is that? Have you lost sight? Sometimes we make it about us right now, rather than what it means for us & creates for us.

With every little step taken, over time you look back and realise that a giant leap has been achieved.