When you’re an entrepreneur, you juggle many complex tasks throughout a day. Considering finding the time for Mindfulness may just seem like adding more work to your day.


I so get that!

And here is an easy solution to support yourself as your business expands and grows on a daily basis: mindfulness: learning simple and easy techniques that you can introduce into your daily life without utilising any extra time. You will still be able to do what you need to do and more. You will find yourself surprised at how much more time you will have. And you will discover that you will achieve more and be more effective, despite the overwhelm, restlessness and busyness you are feeling.

Mindfulness in your business

When you are so busy, you do not always make the best decisions as your mind is full of what you need to Do. This can create fear and anxiety. Thus, it is important to learn how to calm your mind and control your thoughts. Over time this will help you create a settled and sharper mind. This gives you the opportunity to be focused and see more clearly what it is you need to do, rather than jumping from one crisis or task to another without giving it any thought on its importance. It gives you the chance to see what distracts you from your main focus and remaining on task, particularly when it is something which is familiar and you can do easily giving you a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Mindfulness will help you remain on your business rather than just staying in your business, where you feel comfortable.

Taking a moment or two on a regular basis enables you to step back to feel more confident in making more considered and responsible decisions, to be more productive and efficient. It gives you time to think clearly and thoughtfully to minimize mistakes and unwise decisions done on the hop. It eases and removes tension and anxiety that can hold you back from truly moving forward.

Things to keep in mind on a daily basis to give you clarity of thought:

  1. Stop and take a deliberate breath regularly during the day (helps you step out of the freneticism)
  2. Do one task at a time completely (you will get more done!)
  3. Do it slowly and consciously (that is be present)
  4. Keep smiling (try feeling upset when you are smiling)
  5. Take regular breaks to put space in between tasks


Here are a couple of very simple techniques you can use anywhere any time to create a circuit breaker. Doing this will bring you out of any intensity of emotion, cloudiness or fuzziness you are feeling. It will help create clarity of mind, like a photograph: sharp edges, clear, in focus.

  • Three to seven deep breaths

    Take a deep breath in and breathe out with a sigh and feel your body soften. Pause between each breathe. You do not even need to move from your desk or the task you are performing. Do this three to seven time and feel the difference just doing this makes.

  • Breath meditation

    Make yourself comfortable sitting at your desk, legs uncrossed, back straight and close your eyes. Simply focus on and follow your breath as you inhale and exhale feeling yourself slowly relaxing and creating a sense of peace and calm.

Enjoy creating more space in your mind to have a wildly successful business.

And as Theordore Roethke, American poet and author states: a mind too active is no mind at all!