We are now a quarter of the way through the year. How are your plans going? Your news resolutions? Your goals?

Are you kicking goals and achieving great things? Or maybe you have forgotten all those good intentions for how your 2018 will play out.

This is a terrific time to stop what you are doing. Review what you have achieved. Understand why you haven’t achieved what you wanted to. Make changes so you can achieve what you want as we head into the next quarter.

It is never too late to press the reset button.

Pressing the reset button is a chance to start again. To take learnings from what you did well and how to improve so you can achieve all t he things you want to. Whether in your life or your business.

The important thing to do is to change what you are you doing, if it is not working for you. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result. So, what can you do differently to achieve the great things you are destined to achieve.

  • Change could be mindset – your own confidence and belief in you.
  • Change could be in your daily actions – stopping procrastination, becoming focused, managing your time better.
  • Change could be in your goal setting – are you trying to do too much, or are you not thinking big enough.

If you are setting goals for yourself, you also need to commit to reviewing, and celebrating, on a regular basis. With self-reflection, making a commitment to changing something, you can press reset. When you press reset add new energy into your life, focus on the new goal and go for it.

Remembering to break down the goal into easy actionable steps – so every day, week and month you are working towards achievement and success. And when you review at the next quarter, mid-year, end-of-financial year, you can celebrate the success of your goal. Or simply change and press reset.

Staying accountable to your goals and having a group who you are accountable to, is so important. People who lift you up, support you and importantly tell you when you are losing focus. Seek one out or create one for yourself.

Enjoy the goal setting process. Enjoy ticking them off. Enjoy reviewing and pressing the reset button. Enjoy celebrating your success.