How To Self Publish A Book In 10 Super Easy Steps


Thinking about writing a book? Make sure to grab this book before you even put one word down on paper….

The best way for you to get the most out of this book is to:

Carry out the action steps at the end of each chapter,watch the free training video that I have provided to help you better understand the book writing strategies available to you, and make the commitment to finish your books in the next 8 weeks.


Writing books, especially those in the non-fiction genre which is, of course, my area of expertise, is a very strategic process. So you should know, or at least picture the kind of results you would want the book to achieve for you, your business, your brand or your list building efforts, prior to writing so that you can choose the best book format and writing strategy to get your desired results.

Now find a quiet spot, and let’s get that book out of your head and up on Amazon in the next 30 days. So grab a pen and paper, and make sure to take lots of notes because the ideas will come thick and fast as you read through the Self Publishing: How to Write a Book in 10 Super Easy Steps training manual.

Let’s get your book started… and off we go!

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