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Are You Looking To Get Your Time Management Under Control And Make This Year Your Best Year Ever

Get 2017 off to a great start with a copy of The Time Retriever, written specifically for you, with an easy to follow step by step process, where you can discover how to get what you want.

It’s not about time management, it is about getting control of your day! 

In this book “The Time Retriever”, I will take you through a simple step by step process on how to determine exactly what you want to achieve and create a very clear plan of action for you to follow, on how to achieve it.

Unlike other time management books and programs, it doesn’t stop there. The whole planning system is only 10% of the process for getting things done. On the days when you have a clear plan of what you intend to do for that day, do you ever notice that when you arrive at work, everything else happens! You start to put things off, you are constantly distracted and the interruptions in your day just never stop.

You see, the other 90% of the process of getting things done, is being able to control procrastination, and to start reducing the distractions and interruptions in your day.

Getting control of your day requires skills to be developed in each of these areas, “The Time Retriever” book has been written specifically to help you learn how to plan, stop procrastination, understand and reduce what distracts you in your day and to learn how to reduce interruptions in your day.

I have taken what I learned over 35 years of managing teams from 2 to over 200 people, coaching over 140 businesses and speaking with thousands of people at conferences and workshops over the past 10 years, to develop a coaching program to help you “Get Control of Your Day”.

In this program you will discover;

  1. How to set your SMARTER goals
  2. How to create an ACTION Plan for success
  3. How to implement your plan on a weekly and daily basis
  4. How to STOP Procrastinating
  5. How to control those constant Interruptions and distractions in your day
  6. How to get your message across to someone the first time, so they don’t keep wasting your time

And Most Importantly

  • How to get control and make your wildest dreams come true.

Grab your copy of The Time Retriever today!

All Templates Shown in The Book, Will Be Automatically Sent To You By Email, Following Your Purchase. 

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