In today’s society, technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. Our whole world – advertising, social networking, marketing – has gone digital. Startup businesses must recognise the value of using social media to promote their business and market their products or services. Each social media platform has the ability to reach millions of consumers, and target specific demographics in various ways. Digital media is an outlet to market that can reach your target audience quicker and in a more cost-effective way than traditional methods.


With over 1.65 billion users, Facebook comprises of the largest mix of demographics of any social media platform. Facebook has the ability to target people all over the world. In Australia alone, 95% of people use the platform in 2017. Usage marks it as the equivalent of about one in seven of the world’s population, and the population of users classify Facebook as the third largest ‘country’ in the world. The value of a platform this large should not be overlooked in marketing for any business. It is easy to manage through the effective and efficient method of regular posting (of videos and statuses), sharing engaging content and having interactive discussions on public posts.

TIP: Be authentic and creative with your posts rather than robotic, as people respond to openness and honesty. This gives you a chance to form connections with consumers and build trust for your brand. Keep your posting consistent, as quality over quantity is more effective in building a loyal following. People do not like to be spammed and will respond to a few well thought-out statuses and photos rather than an overwhelming rush of content.


Instagram is the most engaged social media platform after Facebook. This platform is primarily suited for sharing photos. Visual content is more likely to attract attention from consumers than verbal or written, and so the best way to market on this platform is to post authentic images that best represent your brand and are aesthetically pleasing – using filters may help with this! There is also a growing popularity surrounding Instagram Stories, and businesses can take advantage of this. They can be used to capture behind-the-scenes content to tease consumers and give them an insight into how your business operates. The Boomerang and Rewind features in videos allows for creativity that will help your posts stand out from just another boring video. Build your reputation by interacting with other accounts through liking and commenting on photos. Use this platform to get creative with your content and engage customers by marketing in a vibrant, visual form.


Snapchat is a social media network that allows people to experience snapshots of your life as you are currently experiencing it. While this platform is not commonly used for marketing and advertising in a traditional sense, it can be used as a medium to share live content and behind-the-scenes footage in authentic promotion. By teasing consumers through exclusive content you are generating excitement and making your product/service seem more desirable. You may want to use it to promote events for your business as well, and host competitions to build up a wider following.

Businesses also stage ‘account takeovers’ where they have powerful influencers take control of their account for a day to promote their products and generate brand awareness. For example, renowned designer clothing store Good American catered to their Australian audience by having Australian influencer Tammy Hembrow take over their Snapchat account for a day.


Linkedin is used to connect with business professionals as it allows you to target them by industry, job title, etc. Your Linkedin profile gives you the opportunity to create an impressive online resume, complete with your education, project, languages, volunteer experience, honours, awards and certificates. Create a Linkedin company page with a strong profile, detailing your skills, experience, brand and the industry you want to be known in. Determine the best keywords and phrases to describe your business. For example, at Get Noticed Digital Agency we are known on Linkedin for “marketing” and “advertising.”

Don’t lead with a sales pitch on this platform, but start by building connections within your chosen industry. One of the best features for businesses are LinkedIn Groups, in which you can target key consumers and businesses within your industry. Be proactive in your marketing efforts on this platform by chasing connections and potential clients rather than waiting for them to find you.


Twitter is valuable in its ability for posts to go viral: the more people that share a post and “retweet” content, the more followers that will be gained. Hashtags are utilised that will allow people to find your products and businesses, as well as create a ‘trending’ feature that will get you noticed by more people. You may also use them if you want to join an existing conversation and get your page noticed.

THE BIO: Once people have found your page, you only have a short 160-word bio to present your business to consumers and capture their attention. To increase your followers on this platform, your bio must be concise, to the point, and showcase how your business resolves to create a solution to an existing problem within your industry. You must have something to offer a consumer to obtain a follow.


375 million people are registered on Google+, so be careful not to overlook this platform as an effective marketing tool. Posts on Google+ are SEO-friendly in Google search results and thus gaining a large community following on your business page will lead to a huge increase in your SEO status. Google+ is also integrated with Google Maps, so anyone using Google Maps will see your business on the map – making it more discoverable by increasing brand visibility. Specific communities on this site, such as photography, technology and fashion, have a large number of engaged followers. If your products or services relate to any of these areas, you should definitely market on this platform. You can also organise your community into different circles, such as clients and influencers, which allow you to target your marketing strategies towards the right groups. A café business for example, might target food bloggers and critics in one circle and share content with more popular cafés in another.


YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, and is integrated with Google Plus. YouTube is also the second largest search engine after Google, and thus videos on Youtube have an increased SEO status. Videos are a powerful tool on social media. Get Noticed Digital Agency’s video producer Jake Trigg states that “while it’s very easy for a piece of text to go unnoticed on social media, a professionally made video can capture the viewer’s attention within seconds and that is often the greatest challenge.” Visual content is often preferable to written or verbal, and videos should be utilised in any good marketing strategy. Showcase your business by filming informative videos about how your business developed and who you are to add credibility to your brand. You may also offer videos providing a service to consumers. For example, a digital marketing agency such as Get Noticed may post helpful videos on how to effectively market on social media.

The most frequently used social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube – can be strategically marketed in different ways to grow your business. Social media marketing is the most effective method of promotion in this technology-filled world and if you follow these tips, you will be on track to developing your brand.