Video is a fantastic tool to engage followers with your content, but what if you don’t really have the time to spend making videos that can be regularly posted to your audience? As part of your marketing strategy, you’ve likely spent a lot of time creating content; with the help of Lumen5, that content can now be turned into engaging videos that will catch your audience’s attention.

Lumen5 has been designed to help you create a large range of videos suitable for practically any industry. From promo videos and YouTube intro videos to educational and animation videos, there are plenty of options to choose from to help create video content for your business.

What Does Lumen5 Provide?

With so many video creation options available, there are a huge range of benefits to be had when creating video content including:

  • Professional video templates
  • Straightforward software that’s easy to use without a lot of effort
  • Cloud based video production
  • Ability to work with a range of file formats
  • Allows you to work on any device

How Will Lumen5 Help You?

There’s plenty of video editing software out there, but how exactly will videos created via Lumen5 help your business engage with current and potential customers and followers? It really gives you everything you need:

  • Ability to drive organic traffic to your social media accounts
  • Delivers full branding experience allowing your audience to relate to your business
  • Helps you celebrate those special moments using more than just written content
  • Saves you time on recreating content
  • Engages your followers
  • Helps you create valuable short videos that will appeal to your audience.

There are a range of pricing options to suit those wanting to create the casual video through to enterprises looking for an in-depth video creation software.

Have you been putting video creation aside because you just don’t have the time to create nor the funds for expensive video software? Get started with Lumen5 and watch your engagement increase.

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