Here’s the good news: Anyone can learn to reset their mindset. However, it does take effort and consistency because apparently, we live in a world where people think negatively.


One of the first things to recognise is that 98% of our thoughts and feelings don’t belong to us.
We pick them up from people around us, thinking they are ours.

One way to get over this is to ask, for every thought, feeling and emotion ‘Who does this belong to?
If it gets lighter or the negatively lessens, it is not ours.
We are either picking it up in the world or something we have bought in the past.”

So, let’s learn how to adopt a positive mind-set :

Put A Positive Spin on Things

Over-thinking things can create a negative thread. Your point of view is what drives your reality, so when you over-think things, you may miss the point – or overload it – entirely.

Learn to stop and realise none of those negative surrounding thoughts are real. Start enjoying the moment and don’t worry about the future.

To nip negative thoughts in the bud start by thinking to yourself, “interesting point of view,” “I have this point of view” instead. Slowly but surely any obsessive thoughts will dissipate.

Stay True To You

Are your daily choices based on what is true for you? Or are you caught in a cycle of what is working for – and prioritised by – those around you?

Trial a daily mantra of asking yourself “What would it take to live from what is true for me?” This question may help you steer towards what is right for you, rather than what is right for others, and that will always make you feel lighter.

Be aware : others Can Help, and Hinder, Your Mindset.

When you are around someone who values you and has no judgment of you, they help you get out of this self- judgment.

A question: how many of you have someone in your life that doesn’t judge you?

Do you have, at least, one person that doesn’t judge you and doesn’t think you should be different than you are?

Having someone around us who doesn’t judge us can be one of the greatest gifts in undoing our negative mindset.

Don’t Be A Judge

Who are you to judge? Every time you find yourself critiquing your own life, just stop. Gratitude makes all you have, enough, so be thankful for every little thing you have – no matter how small or insignificant in the scheme of things.

When you stop judging you, you create the space within which your life can change, and it is simpler to pinpoint and follow your true desires.

Judgment and gratitude cannot coexist.

It’s your choice! Every time you have the chance to go into judgment, of you or someone else, and you choose not to, you change the world.

Live with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Avoid Anger

Whatever we are angry about cannot change while we are angry about it. We all have these frustrations, but this does not have to be the person you are.

Rather than obsessively thinking angry thoughts, ask yourself, “What is the lie here that is spoken or unspoken?” And then listen to what you know. The little thought that popped in as you asked the question is the awareness you need to acknowledge. In attempting this, you realise you have the capacity to change everything you are angry about. It is no longer out of your reach.

And as the saying goes; holding on to anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.

Problems Are Only Perceived

If simply thinking about something could fix it, then it would be worth the time you waste on it!
Instead of dwelling on problems, change them by asking questions, not by thinking yourself into a spin.

Consider: ‘What else is possible here?’ and ‘What can I be or do different today that will change this?’

You Can Reboot Positivity Throughout The Day

Whenever anything good or bad happens, ask yourself: “How does it get any better than this?”

Believing things will get better (and with time, they always do) is the greatest way of always staying in a positive mindset.

It makes a bad situation get better and a good situation even better.

The other thing is throughout the day think of someone who loves you and sees the beauty in you and the gift you are. Think about them and image being in their presence.

That can go a long way to changing the negativity.

And, in closing:

No matter how you feel, Get up, dress up, show up & Never Give Up.