You know that content is king, and being able to repurpose your content is a great way to gain extra engagement and followers. Simple Social Press allows you to repurpose your Facebook Live videos by posting them as a blog post on your WordPress website. 

But it isn’t just the Live broadcast it posts. When you utilise Simple Social Press, you’ll pick up any pre-loaded comments that popped up during your video, and you can easily add an opt-in email box that allows your viewers to add themselves to your email list, growing your audience further. 

Even better is that there is no need to log into your website to post these videos. It’s all done through a simple plugin that saves you time. 

How Does Simple Social Press Work?

If you’ve used plugins previously, you’ll know just how simple they are to use. With Simple Social Press, once purchased, a link and license key will be sent to you. It’s then just a matter of downloading and adding to your website. Connect your Facebook account, choose which videos to import and you’re done. 

From here on in, the plugin will create a new blog post every time you do a Facebook Live. 

There’s no doubt that it can be hard to find the time to continuously post your Live videos (or remember to if you don’t do them regularly), so this is a great way to stay on top of regularly creating new content for your blog. 

The Yearly Subscription

Many apps like Simple Social Press can hit your budget quite hard, but this isn’t one of them. Starting from as little as $67 a year, you can upload and embed your Facebook Live videos and go live on your own blog.

Looking to build the engagement and audience on your website? Simple Social Press is a handy little plugin that does the work for you. 

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