You may be surprised when an avid Instagram user and a marketer says that you will gain a lot if you integrate Instagram and email marketing. You may tend to think. What on earth email marketing has got to do in this time of the era which is essentially digital and rely heavily on the internet. Well, there is a lot that you need to know. Here is a better and clearer explanation.

Instagram, as you may know, is owned by Facebook. It is for this proprietary relation that Instagram Ads shares the Facebook Ads platform. This is however an incredibly powerful tool that will allow you to target the audience based on the things that Facebook knows about them. Such information includes:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Patterns and more.

Just as Instagram is an immensely useful platform to reach out to people you can eventually turn into your potential customers, email marketing is a tool that will help you to raise the trust of your customers on your brand and encourage them to make a purchase.

Looking into the equation

That means, when you look into the equation deeply you will see that there is a distinct link between Instagram and email marketing. Instagram will help you to gain more followers which you can turn towards your site to convert into your potential customers and emails will enable them to know about the offers and promotions that will encourage them to make a purchase.

If you link the two together you will get:

  • More followers
  • More traffic
  • More conversion
  • More offers made easily through emails
  • More sales and
  • More business profit and revenue generation.

That is what business marketing is all about and it is all possible due to the successful integration of Instagram and email marketing.

Therefore, instead of simply marketing to your existing Instagram followers, who are likely to be your customers already, make sure that you integrate emails with it so that you increase the chances to get more customers.

Using Instagram ads differently

You can use Instagram ads for your marketing purpose but you should focus on using it differently rather than just for what it is actually meant to: advertising.

One unique way of using Instagram ads is by running an Instagram ads contest. Invite your users to take part in your contest.

When you design a contest ad, make sure that:

  • You add light copy to your ad so that you can grab the attention of your audience more easily about the contest and
  • You do not only tell about the rules of the contest to them but also highlight the prize you will give to the winner.

Since everyone loves to get something for free, it is this prize that will encourage them to click through to your contest ad and enter.

Confused how to go about it? Well, you can take help from experts like Gramista for that matter. This will ensure that you get more users participate in the specific contest.

Landing or product page

Another useful way to use Instagram Ads is to run it to a landing page or product page. This is one of the best and more productive ways to gain more followers to your site which is often considered to be one of the most straightforward ways in which you can drive sales for your business.

Through Instagram you can create ads for your products that will link the customers to your ecommerce site or store. These ads are unique on Instagram because these will allow you to add a click-through link as well as a call to action to it. This is ideally not possible on any other type of Instagram post.

Therefore, when you use Instagram, ads to run to a product page make sure that:

  • You post one or a couple photos of your products
  • Add proper descriptions of each product and
  • Include a call to action in the caption.

It is only then you should urge your customers to make a purchase from you. If you want to exploit your chances at a sale even more, consider adding an offer for a limited time. you may also discount to your ads.

This will provide the people with a few good reasons such as:

  • Why they should act just as you want or
  • Why they should buy from you and not from your competitors
  • Why they should buy now rather than later and more.

When they are convinced with the arguments you present, they will surely make a purchase thereby increasing your sales prospects. This will eventually prove to be a much more effective way to increase the conversion rate of your ads.

A different approach of a service provider

If you are a service provider, you should then consider creating a different type of offer such as a consultation or an assessment that you may give out to your customers in exchange for lead info for a potential customer.

Remember, one of the most significant parts of a successful Instagram ad is the page to which you send your users. If that specific page is not optimized for conversion, you will not see any return on the money you have invested on advertising.

Therefore, if generating leads through Instagram is your ultimate goal, you should focus more on optimizing your product or landing page that highlights and offer and then sending your users to that particular page.

Post product photos

Lastly, make sure that you post photos of your product because that is what Instagram is, if it is put in the simplest forms. This is a strategy that you should not take lightly. In fact, sporadically posting photos of your products on Instagram with some extra information in the caption is a solid and consistent brand strategy. The caption include the price and selling points of the product and direct users to where they can get it. Where else? Either on your site or your emails!

This combination of photos and action-oriented caption will definitely make your Instagram and email marketing a success.