Is your team spending far too much time keeping your CRM updated? Losing sales or missing follow-ups because nothing is in order? Salesflare lets you keep all your information in the one spot, plugging into a range of other tools and systems and giving your team more time to make sales.

When looking for a CRM system, many business owners find one that looks great, but they soon start to realise it doesn’t quite do everything they need, and it takes longer to enter a customer than their old way of recording details. Salesflare offers some great benefits that mean less inputting of data that is easier to find when needed.

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One of the most frustrating parts of a CRM is needing to find and record far too much information on each customer. You can now save time searching notes and social media profiles – Salesflare pulls information from emails, email signatures, social profiles and more, automatically compiling them into your address book.

Log Meeetings and Phone Calls, Link with Calendar and Mobile

All business owners know how important it is to log meetings and phone calls for later recollection of tasks or prices agreed to. How does automatic logging of phone calls and meetings sound? How? Salesflare links up with your calendar and mobile to log meetings and calls with your customers.

On top of all this, there are some great ways to know how and when your customers are engaging with your digitally – opening emails, visiting your website, what pages they stopped to browse for longer and more. In one program you have:

  • Email tracking
  • Link tracking
  • Website tracking

With over 1300 app integrations, including Mailchimp, Google Contacts, Facebook, Basecamp, Eventbrite and more, if you’ve been looking for a way to bring all your programs and apps together, while saving time on admin, Salesflare can change the way you and your team work.

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