Social media, looking after it can certainly seem like a full-time job that you need to hire someone else to do. Automating your social media posts is the way to go, but oftentimes it looks spammy and not well put together. So how to get your social media to look cohesive yet still engaging and interesting?

How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Media?

No, we don’t mind trawling through your social media accounts. Most businesses will have someone spend one to two days a week creating and posting content for their social media while for others, it is someone’s sole job to create content. 

Meet Edgar solves the problem of spending days on social media content creation, freeing up time to be spent elsewhere in the business. On average, this scheduling tool can save around 8-10 hours a week on creating and posting engaging content. 


Meet Edgar repurposes the existing work that you have spent time on and pulls fresh content by simply finding great quotes and text from your blogs and articles, and creating a post from them. The tool also allows you to generate up to 5 pre-written social media posts on an article or blog you have been reading just by using a browser extension. 

That alone could save most social media managers a fair amount of time in their week. 

Features on Meet Edgar

One of the great things about Edgar is that it is packed with features including:

  • Scheduling posts in advance
  • Save your updates to a library of evergreen content which means you’ve always got something to post
  • Auto-generate variations on every update giving you content to share 
  • Recurring tasks are automated saving you time
  • Ability to monitor engagement

When you are choosing a social media scheduler, you need a program that saves you time, not only in allowing you to manually schedule posts in advance, but by also pulling content from what you have previously uploaded to provide fresh and new posts to engage your audience. 

With an affordable starting price, Meet Edgar allows businesses, small and large, to get back to work without spending hours scheduling social media posts each week. 

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