Imagine a life with less; less stress, less stuff, less clutter, less debt, a life with fewer distractions.

“But I want more!”

Good answer! how about more time, more meaningful relationships, more financial freedom, more clarity?

This is why decluttering is so much more than cleanup.

Have you ever considered the impact of your environment on reaching your professional goals?

Being open to talking about more than just our to-do list for our job or business means we consider all the things that help us be successful. Talking about the environment we operate in, what support we have and the barriers to success help us to create motivation and action to make a change.

Why Live Clutter Free?

There is more life to be had when it’s not weighed down by stuff. Stuff may be an anchor, but it can also sink your dreams. If you don’t use, love or value it, then it should go; recycle, give it away, responsibly dispose of, or sell items that don’t fit a living space you want to spend your time in. You’ll sleep better, eat better and feel more at peace in an organised space.

Review your spaces for work, rest and play.

With more and more of us working from home there has never been a better time to review the spaces we work and play in. Unlike the traditional office, most of us have complete control over our home environment and can set it up the way we want it.

Does your professional space have a deliberate design or was it a ‘needs must’ throw together when lockdown began?

Where to start? – 7 ways in 7 days

Teamwork: it’s not all on you (unless you live alone but even then you could rope a friend in for support and shout them dinner). When you truly believe that everyone is responsible for sorting their own stuff then you have no reason not to get started because you trust that others will follow when they see you living the benefits.

Keep it fun, not overwhelming: by tackling just one drawer or cupboard per day or one room a week. If you end up with a massive pile of stuff to get rid of that can feel a huge hassle. It just relocates the problem! Gradually selling, recycling or redistributing items that no longer serve us is better done over time as momentum builds and we feel the benefits of clearing space.

Give items the right home to be returned to: consider why items need to ‘live’ in a particular space. Often, we store things when we first move into an office or living space and we’ve never reviewed it since. Or we follow a pattern of storage that our family had and never stop to think why. As you get to know your space you can often find a better use for particular cupboards and drawers. You could look at the overall layout and come up with something that better suits the way you work now.

Start the day right: it might include making your bed and putting clothes away. Create some simple routines that make it easier to keep a tidier environment. Use productivity processes at home; let the coffee brew while you empty the dishwasher. Hang up the washing up in sections for each member of the household, when you take it down to fold it’s easy to stack in the basket then distribute an orderly pile of each person’s clothing.

Future you: stay motivated by imagining then experiencing enjoyment in your new space; light a candle, get a new plant, invite people over for tea or drinks in your stress-free haven. Say thanks to yourself for a job well done.

How to continue:

Do a ten-minute sweep through every day: put items back in their home, make a quick game of it!

Commit to your new haven: have a discussion with your partner or housemate. Commit to yourselves on the ‘new rules’ and why they matter to you. Put a note in your calendar to review every three months to check you haven’t slipped into old habits, or even better – a reminder to add a new action or routine that supports keeping your space feeling good.

Time is our most precious resource.

If everything has a home then there will be no searching endlessly for things, tripping over piles of stuff or wasting money buying the same work or personal item repeatedly. Use your precious time to work on your goals, make more money and create even more success.

What can you do now to get started? Take action and the results will amaze you. Don’t let clutter drown your business dreams!