Be a Skills Webinar Guest

Business Business Business Skills webinars are a great way to reach our audience of small business owners and are available to our preapproved partners or by ordering a slot to host a webinar with us here.

Our Skills webinars run an education first format where we share skills with our community to help them run their business.

Your presentation to our members should be informative with a pitch or demo at the end of how your product or service can help.

When you select your time the form will ask you for all the details we need to set up your webinar.

Skills Webinar Replay: Building Superfans with Personal Video

Skills Webinar Replay: Building Superfans with Personal Video

Shopify recently published a study that showed that the top 1% of customers spend 18x the median. These are your superfans. Your vocal advocates.

We all want more of them, but how can we go about proactively doing that?

Casey Hill, Bonjoro’s Head of Growth has worked with hundreds of brands to implement personal video into sales, onboarding and customer support.

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