Pinterest is one of the best social networks to share your content on. It functions as a search engine and can help drive traffic to your site months after you post something. It has some unique aspects compared to other social media sites.

Come learn how to automate your pins in a social media scheduling tool for success and time saving!

  • How to make evergreen Pins & increase traffic to your site from Pinterest
  • Pinterest Scheduling
  • Tips Automation Tips for Pinterest

Meet Megan:

Megan has worked in marketing and customer support at a variety of startups specializing in building brands on social media, strategies for winning new customers, creating raving fans, and nurturing an engaged community.

At her latest position with MeetEdgar (a social media posting tool for small businesses) she leads webinars and consulting sessions about how to effectively stand out online. No matter the industry there is one thing that separates the businesses who succeed and the ones that don’t: a passionate community. She thrives on creating values, experiences, and messaging people can relate to and love to interact with. She believes no one ever wants to feel sold to and that the best brands out there approach marketing as a conversation.