There are millions of dollars of grants given every year. It’s likely your organization can get one. BUT you need to know how to apply for them the right way.

It doesn’t matter how great your need is, all that matters is how well you sell that to the grant provider.

Learn what grant assessors look for and what you need to do to Get That Grant.

In this webinar Tara will share with us:

  • What assessors look for
  • What you need to do to get grants
  • Where to find grant opportunities

Meet Tara:

Tara Whitney runs Whitney Consulting, a grant, tender and business case writing company that has helped clients secure over $40 million in funding in the past 4 years. Tara has worked for Federal, State and Local government and spent many years assessing grant funding applications. Her knowledge of what assessors are looking for provides a unique and leading edge to her clients.