Let’s face it – you are running a business and don’t have endless hours to spend on Instagram. Learn some strategies that will make it easy for you to know what to share, tools to free up your time, and what’s possible.

Instagram guru Karla Erovick is joining Linda to share tips on how we can use Instagram as Entrepreneurs

What we will cover:

  • Managing expectations
  • What Instagram can do
  • Explore Content Ideas Tools that save you time

Karla brings 20 years of corporate marketing and communications expertise. As an experienced global traveler, Karla has lived and worked in Dubai, hiked the jungles of Panama and studied Spanish in Seville. She has written over 500 lifestyle articles for online and print publications ranging from local interest to international destinations. Karla believes social media shouldn’t be time consuming or scary.

That’s why she teaches clients how to get out of overwhelm and into action using social media in 15 minutes a day. She enjoys teaching clients to create an effective online presence to grow a network, find clients, and raise visibility as an expert.


Keep Learning with Karla

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