In this webinar we will discuss various pricing strategies and how to us them to generate revenue and increase your profits.

Pricing strategy, or formula, is a tool available to businesses to help them set the prices for their products or services. There are various pricing strategies and no one strategy will produce the greatest profit under ALL market conditions.

The aim of your pricing strategy should be to price for maximum profit. However, to do this, you first have to understand the different types of costs and how they behave.

Pricing strategy is not about finding the “best” price for a product or service that will sell the most units. Nor is it always the price that will bring in the greatest amount of cash. Rather, pricing strategy is about finding the “best” price to maximize the profits for your company.

If you want to boost your profits and understand pricing strategies, then come to this webinar.

Kylea will share with us:

  • Definitions of price
  • Pricing strategies
  • Setting effective price
  • Factors affecting pricing decision

Meet Kylea:

Total Eclipse Agency director Kylea Martin loves nothing more than working with small business owners to ensure they’re up to speed on all the financial aspects of running a small or medium business.

A certified practising accountant, Kylea brings over 25 years of corporate experience to her role at Total Eclipse Agency.

She specialises in decoding business data and transforming it into information that business operators can readily understand.