You think you know your customer, right? They’re the person who walks through your door, uses your services and happily comes back for more. But how well do you really know this person that your business depends upon, and how do you find and appeal to others in their group?
Every business should have a very clear idea of who their ideal customer is, and the best way to define this is through understanding precisely what they want from you the business.
Clearly understanding who your ideal customer is and how they operate helps tailor your marketing and the products and services you provide. 
Knowing who your customer is means you can find them more easily, service them better, save time and open your business to greater success and more word of mouth referrals.
In this webinar, Clive Enever will join us to share with us The Power of Knowing Your Ideal Client and some tips on how we can identify, find and speak to them. 


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