We all want to know the answer to this secret!  And Jordan Barker from Focuster is joining us to share it.

If you’re ready to reclaim your focus and to make progress instead of just doing busy work this is one Webinar replay you are going to want to catch!

During this content-rich, no fluff session, you will learn:

  • 3 Simple Techniques to Manage your Focus, not just your Time
  • A 5 minute process to get instant clarity on your priorities, even if your to-do list is long and overwhelming.
  • Why many of the most successful entrepreneurs have thrown out their to-do lists and what they do instead

Jordan Baker is CEO and Founder of Focuster,  productivity and personal development junkie. He has studied Productivity, NLP, High Performance and Personal Development with one of the greatest entrepreneurs and strategists – Tony Robbins.

And has 20+ years of adventurous experience in freelancing as well as Founding a successful web-development agency which has contracts with some of the biggest media companies in Canada