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Running a business often means your social media posting gets left behind, or you need to hire someone to look after your socials for you. Plenty of businesses have been finding out the benefits of utilising a social media scheduler, letting them spend a small amount of time scheduling content to be posted at a particular time and date on a set social media account.


If you’re thinking this is just another thing to add to your list, there are a few benefits behind scheduling your social media posts.

No need to be available

If you’ve got back to back meetings and appointments scheduled for the next week, spending an hour scheduling your social media posts at the beginning or end of the day allows you to still keep a presence with your customers without needing to physically be writing posts every day.

Create Better Content

Setting aside an hour or two each week to focus solely on your content allows you to create better and more engaging posts.

Post Anytime

Pre-scheduling your posts means that you can have content going out when your audience is online. You might not be open at 7pm, but if your audience is online, you can still reach them.


Social Mako makes social media scheduling affordable for all business owners with their range of plans. The scheduling tool allows you to create, schedule and analyse your social media content all in the one place, quickly and easily.

Using either a calendar or list view for posting your content, scheduling a whole month of content in under half an hour will save you time that you can direct elsewhere in your business. Create your images using the stock library, use a pre-made template or start from scratch, upload your content and schedule.

Social Mako allows you to schedule and post live (pre-recorded) videos to Instagram, you can add the first comment on Instagram posts, re-post media from Instagram, add captions to your posts, and include photos, videos, links and more.

When it comes to analysing your content, you can see your engagement rate, your top hashtags, export data into PDF for your records and see competitor analytics.

Social media scheduling can save time allowing you to spend elsewhere in your business. If you aren’t already using a scheduler, it’s time to get onto it.