Get ready for 2022 over 3 days with the strategic support of the Enever Group and Business Business Business Team.Spend 3 days working on your business with Business Strategist Clive Enever and Ideas Strategist Linda Reed-Enever in the strategic planning immersion for 2022.

Over 3 days Clive and Linda will work with you on setting strategies and goals for the year ahead.

Day One will see you work with Clive Enever on strategic plans for your business including setting your Mission and Vision for 2022 along with setting financial, team and strategic goals for the year ahead. Clive will work with attendees as they set milestones, KPI’s and checks and measures and form a strategy for the year ahead that not only can be implemented by monitored and reviewed.

Day Two will see you review the marketing trends and strategies of 2021 with Linda, what works and what is predicted to work in the year ahead in 2022. Linda will share with you why these strategies worked and are predicted to work, and how to optimise and use these strategies in your business.

Day Three will begin with Linda where you will work with her on your Marketing Plan (AKA Marketing Trees) for 2022 the ideas will be flying along with creative ways to share your story.
In the afternoon you will work with Clive on your Strategic Timeline for 2022 so the goals and milestones you identified in day one become an actionable plan.

Your ticket also includes a copy of the 2022 Business Life Planner and the 2022 Marketing Planner so that you can track and monitor your progress.

Join the dynamic business duo and kickstart your business into 2022. The immersion is limited to a maximum of 15 attendees to ensure the best results and engagement for attendees.

Meet Ideas Strategist Linda Reed-Enever: Ideas are Linda’s superpowers and when it comes to public relations, marketing, and the media – Linda Reed-Enever is the quintessential “go to girl”. Linda not only understands publicity and marketing but lives and breathes it. Connecting people and ideas through Enever Group, The Course Creators Circle and Business Business Business, Linda helps you come up with and bring your ideas to life.

Meet Business Strategist Clive Enever: Clive Enever provides powerful and high impact mentoring to business owners thanks to the wealth of knowledge and experience he has built through over 30 years of business success. Using an approach that is warm yet direct and ever results-driven, Clive helps his clients to view their businesses in a broader context. Clive’s clients attest to being able to build their success alongside creating the lifestyle they crave – putting an end to the myth that business success requires total personal sacrifice.