Have you ever watched a cat fall from a great height? Ever seen how quickly they get up again? Today, I want to show you how to tap into your inner cat and bounce back in any situation. This is a simple 3-step process which anyone can follow.

Sadly, I won’t be around to tickle your tummy when you’re done but you may feel as energized as when somebody you love gives you a hug.

Step 1 – Accept Responsibility For Your Part In The Bump And For Getting Back On Track

Sometimes, the problem is outside of our control. It’s not your fault that you missed your meeting if your plane was delayed at the airport for 8 hours. It is your responsibility to overcome the problems caused by missing the meeting.

If you did play a part in the problem, like choosing to catch a later flight when an earlier one – which left on time – was available, keep it in perspective. Acknowledge that there’s a learning point for the future, agree not to do it again and then return to acknowledging your responsibility to overcome the problem caused by missing the meeting.

You don’t need to play the blame game heavily here. The objective is to move quickly past what has gone wrong and focus our attention on getting things moving again.

Step 2 – Turn The Problem Solving On

It might look like a huge problem but break it down and it will start getting easier. Helpful questions include:

  • What is within my control right now?
  • What can I influence to get things moving?
  • Is there anyone else who can help?

Then define the ideal situation moving forward. Step by step. What is needed right now to move towards the objective? What’s the next step and the next? Repeat until you are consciously aware of what you need to do.

This also serves the purpose of getting you out of any negative downward emotional spiral you may be in. You can’t sulk while you’re doing things, so don’t. Get stuff done instead.

Step 3- Take Action

A plan is useless without execution. Do the one thing that is most important to move things forward, right now. Then do the next. And the next…

This isn’t a rocket science moment but it’s amazing how many times people stop after the planning phase and get lost on the emotional rollercoaster instead.

Remind yourself that while you may or may not be responsible for the problem, you are 100% responsible for fixing it and that if you don’t fix it – the consequences might swiftly spiral out of your control for good.


Blame isn’t a very useful emotion. It might make us feel better to blame others for a problem. It might be easier to sink into blaming ourselves than focusing on the future. But in the long run, it produces nothing but bad feeling and regret. You don’t need that. You want to unleash your inner cat.

That means starting with a brief acknowledgement of your responsibility – and any learning you can take away from mistakes you made. Then move on to planning, you can fix almost anything if you think about it. Finally, you must take action and convert that plan into meaningful results in your life.

Now you know, so go and be a cat!