Are you one of those awesome people who want to blog but you don’t know what to blog about? You know the advantages of blogging and it will fit into your marketing strategy, but coming up with different topics is really challenging and your mind goes blank.

Well, here are ten terrific topics you can blog about!

  1. Look at me!
  2. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm
  3. Why, oh why?
  4. You did what!!!
  5. They did what!!!
  6. Secret sauce
  7. The answer is 42
  8. The sound of music
  9. I wish I’d known that
  10. Yes, I know the alphabet

1. Look at me!

Feature a product

Write about one of your most popular products (or services). Focus on the benefits to your customers and how that product helps them, provides value to them, delivers something they need.

Think about what your customers love about that product or service. Don’t be too salesy in your blog itself but put a call to action (known as a CTA in marketing terms) at the end.

2. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm

Write a “how-to” blog

These are really popular posts.


Because they can provide answers to what people are searching for on the interwebs!

People love step-by-step guides. It’s a really easy way to learn how to use or do something. AND, you can turn your guide into a video too and include that in your blog. That way you appeal to different types of people – those who like to watch and those who like to read!


You can follow your feature a product blog with a how-to blog and link the two together. Boom!!! SEO happiness right there.

3. Why, oh why?

Talk about your Why

Share a blog about why you do what you do. Why your business exists. What’s your purpose? How did you decide to do what you’re doing?

​Tell it as a story that people can connect with.

If you’re stuck with this, go back to your Vision and Mission and tell the story expanding beyond those couple of statements.

4. You did WHAT!!!

What worked and what didn’t

Sometimes people feel like they’re the only ones who’ve made a mistake or done something the wrong way.

More often than not, someone else has done the exact same thing.

So make your readers feel better about themselves by sharing your experiences of what worked and what didn’t.

Again, if you have a product you can demonstrate what works and what doesn’t. EG, leaving the lid off your mixer is a fun (and messy) example of what didn’t work!!!

5. They did WHAT!!!

The most creative way someone else has used your product

Have your customers ever shared with you that they’ve used your product for something entirely different to what it’s meant to be used for?

Often these can be really funny stories.

And, everyone loves humour. So, share those experiences and stories.

Of course, no naming and shaming. Check with your customer’s if they’re happy to be identified, and if not change the names with a note that “names have been changed”.

6. My secret sauce

List of tips and hacks

You’re bound to have ways of doing something, tips or hacks to doing a task or using a product that others don’t know.

Put these tips and hacks into a list (your very own secret sauce recipe) that your readers can use.

7. The answer is 42

The most creative way someone else has used your product

Answer your FAQs.

Turn your FAQs into a blog. Really flesh out the answer or put several into a blog. And if you don’t have any FAQs then look at your keyword searches. What are people “googling” when they search for your business / product / service?

Another BOOM – SEO happiness.

Oh, if you’re wondering why the answer is 42, look up Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 😉

8. The sound of music

AKA – These are a few of my favourite things

Write about your favourite things – from your favourite pair of socks to your favourite travel destinations, to your favourite blog posts.

Or your favourite apps, tips, tools, products or services that will also help your customers.

Talk about why these are your favourite things, include links to them on the interwebs (triple Boom!!! SEO happiness).

9. I wish I’d known that

Go back to the beginning

What are the things you wish you’d know when you first started your business?

Share those things and how they would have helped.

Talk about how you’ve grown and how your business has grown as you’ve learnt stuff.

10. Yes, I know the alphabet


Create an A-Z blog on a specific topic that you know inside-out.

You could write it as a single blog, with a list of 26 things going from A through to Z.

​Or, you could build your content plan around topics running from A-Z. And there’s 26 blogs for you right there!!!

If you blog weekly, that’s half the year planned out. If you blog monthly, then that’s over two years of blogs. How organised are you!!!

11. Don’t forget

Technically not a blog topic (or it could be)

Okay, this isn’t necessarily a blog topic (although you could probably turn it into one).

This is a reminder that your blogging life will be a lot easier if you sit down and plan your topics ahead of time.

I hope these ten topics help inspire you to go forth and create your blogs with ease!