Ahhh yes, you’ve heard of it before, and perhaps even experienced it.

The success ceiling. The ‘stuckness’ that one will feel or experience in life, in their career, in their business. The feeling that will have you believe you have reached as far as you can go. That you do not possess the skills to continue. That everyone else around you has something that you do not have.

The Ceiling of Success

I’m going to explode that now and let you know that YOU have what it takes to go as far and a wide as you desire.

The answer is not taking another course or up skilling to feel like you will be good enough or measure up to success. Absolutely, it can all help you obtain vital skills in your business, yet in my experience, it is not always necessary.

I love to keep things really simple so I am going to pose the idea that less is more. You need to do less to achieve more and rise up into your next level of unshakable success. That’s right, not a ‘fake it until you make it’ list of increasing traits to model trial. Just a solid foundation that you can easily build on as you desire to continue on your path – your path of success.

My work as a self-mastery coach with celebrities, high performers, CEO’s, business owners has shown me that the masks you wear to ‘fit in’, aligning with subconscious beliefs and drumming out our own inner voice over time, actually deflate your true, authentic confidence, allow natural emotions to take over and feel un-natural and compare ourselves to everyone else, putting them on a pedestal.

Success never has to come at a cost of losing yourself, forgetting who you are & creating what success looks like for someone else. Nor do we have to ever fit into someone else’s mould & expectations of us. I know many of you would argue that that is not true success.

Before you take another skills course, or model what you vowed to never be like, stop for a minute and think about your soft skills.

  1. Emotional intelligence is one area that I am asked to help teams and individuals work on increasingly, as it is recognised as an important part of how we perform. When you are aligned with yourself – in particular your conscious and unconscious thoughts, our emotions don’t consume us, take over us or our behaviours. In an ever increasingly busy world, where we are exposed to so much around our own beliefs without even realising (ahh, Facebook ads as one example) them creeping their little heads into our lives. If you are feeling more easily frustrated, angry, upset, fearful – all of which are natural emotions yet can become all consuming when left unchecked – then spend just a day writing behaviours that you are not liking, vs what you are telling yourself you want to do. Awareness is key here and being an ostrich never helped anyone in the long run. If there is a vast difference in to what you ARE doing vs what you WANT to be doing, then take it right back to basics – what do you believe needs to be done to create your next level? Keep it simple yet if you feel stuck, talk it out with a trusted individual or seek the necessary support.
  2. You will hear me go on and on about this, however check in with your values. Align your values to your every day actions/tasks. We become good models, and in fact modelling excellence is a great way to learn, just make sure it is excellence you are modelling. An example I often see is women in business who feel like they have to be a bitch to reach their next level because they have seen it before. So they start & despise their actions & their ‘mask’. Being authentically you makes it a lot easier to reach your next level. Sometimes we need that reminder of who we are deep down as the starting point.
  3. Stop selling yourself short of success. Just because you haven’t reached where you are aiming before, someone said it will be ‘hard’ to do or your family or friends think you are crazy does not make it impossible. Start with one step at a time and surround yourself with the support, (soft) skills and guidance you need to fill your own shoes.

This topic is ever growing because it is a common theme. Don’t make your success impossible by talking yourself out of it. Get back to the basics of who you are and go forth & conquer.