The events of 2020 have enforced a change in the way we communicate that will shift marketing, PR and communications forever. In recent months, businesses have been forced to adapt to digital mindsets and practices, moving activities online and trusting teams to carry out duties in the comfort of their own homes. It has also see a downturn in our traditional media, with many publications closing down, or moving online to reduce costs and move with the times.

“So, how does this affect me?” you ask. Well, to start, the ability to promote your business within traditional media is becoming tougher and more competitive as the number of publications reduces. Fewer publications means fewer opportunities, and less space in the opportunities that do remain. With this being said, many businesses forget the power of owned content. The creation of still imagery, video, podcasts and written stories are fundamental in setting your organization aside from competition and positioning yourself as a leader. As our industry reshapes itself, the brands who are both brave and flexible in opening themselves up to developing a voice, raising it and owning their opinion are the ones we, as an industry, will look to as ‘opinion leaders’ of their sector. This, in turn, will better position them amongst earnt opportunities in media, providing journalists with a background of knowledge and provided expertise via owned platforms like social media and websites.

Our advice? Start now.

  • Update your website to be clear, concise and direct in navigation so it is as user-friendly as possible
  • Create a strong bank of current, visually appealing imagery for use on Instagram, Facebook, your website and media. We say visually appealing because the quality of your imagery is crucial in the correct representation of your brand. Don’t skimp on the investment of a good photographer, and understand how to correctly use your iPhone camera
  • Share your opinions, tips and advice on a designated blog or journal page
  • Leverage this content on your LinkedIn so your professional network has access to it
  • Engage with your audience and create a direct dialogue between your brand and them
  • Video is king. It is a fast, interactive opportunity to drive your beliefs and expertise, and put a true face and personality to your brand
  • Take the time to build on actual public relations – that is, the relationship between your brand, the public, media and stakeholders. This relationship is the difference between long and short-term results and invested interest
  • Identify and own your voice. What is your brands personality? How does it speak? What does it have to say? What are its key messages and opinions? Has it forecasted the future or trends of its sector? And, if so, what does it anticipate? Tell stories and lead by example
  • Finally, have fun and be kind! Show you care about matters, share information that is relevant and interesting and be a brand you would want to follow