In the latest episode of The Business Owners Podcast, co-host Linda Reed-Enever delves into a delightful conversation with Abigail Gatling, the seasoned communication strategist, and founder of Crisp Communications.

Both great marketers in their own right, join Linda and Abigail as they talk about transitioning into entrepreneurship, the juggle between business and personal lives, and their passion as educators,

Abigail also shares her journey from being a stressed-out corporate professional to a fulfilled business owner, offering expert marketing and communication solutions, and advice she wants to give to other creatives who want to start their own business.

In the episode, we cover:

  • Abigail’s journey from corporate stress to entrepreneurial fulfilment
  • How she built a business that provides affordable marketing support for small businesses
  • A defining moment that prompted Abigail to quit her corporate job and pursue entrepreneurship
  • The challenges of work-life balance and the importance of recognising burnout
  • Strategies for overcoming business challenges include delegation, shadowing, peer reviews, and strategic hiring
  • Her passion for supporting creatives through mentorship and dreams of writing a book

With a background in corporate management and a journey marked by a pivotal moment of realisation, Abigail transitioned from a career lacking creative fulfilment to entrepreneurship, driven by her passion for helping small businesses thrive.

Her commitment to work-life balance and her dedication to supporting the next generation of creatives through mentorship underscore her ethos of empowerment and growth. Abigail’s story serves as inspiration for those seeking to pivot towards fulfilling entrepreneurial endeavours and making meaningful impacts in their industries.

Learn more about Abigail Gatling:

You can find Abigail’s work at Crisp Communications.


  • [00:09:03] Defining moment prompting Abigail to quit her job
  • [00:11:02] Abigail’s struggle with work-life balance and the importance of delegation
  • [00:13:22] Strategies for overcoming business challenges.
  • [00:16:38] Abigail’s passion for supporting the next generation of creatives