In another Story Behind episode of The Business Owners Podcast, realty business entrepreneur Chris Clarke joins co-host Linda Reed-Enever to discuss his career transition into running his own business.

But Chris wasn’t always a risk-taker. It wasn’t until he was 39 that he took the plunge into the world of business. With a background that includes experience in recruitment, marketing, and teaching, Chris has combined these skills to pursue his passion for real estate and helping people buy the property of their dreams.

Tune in with us as Chris shares his passion for real estate and desire to help people navigate the daunting process of buying property which are what led him to become a buyers agent.

In the episode, we cover:

  • Why Chris left a stable career in recruitment, marketing, and teaching to start his own business as a buyers agent
  • His passion for guiding clients through the often daunting process of purchasing property
  • The conversation with his brother that inspired Chris to enter the world of real property
  • A significant defining moment of helping a friend purchase a property
  • How he maintains a balance between his professional and personal life as a single father of two
  • His most important advice for aspiring buyer agents who want to enter the industry

Chris’s aspirations to bring high ethical standards and intelligence to the real estate industry is truly admirable. He stresses the importance of hard work and long-term commitment, advising those starting out to seek mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals.

Learn more about Chris Clarke:

You can find Chris at


  • [00:00:59] How Chris decided to take a plunge into the world of business
  • [00:01:33] Why helping people buy a house is his passion
  • [00:03:38] The conversation that led him into real estate
  • [00:04:40] The other defining moment that ultimately led him to become a buyer’s agent
  • [00:06:06] Balancing personal life and business as a single father
  • [00:08:39] How to bring high ethical standards and intelligence to the industry
  • [00:10:21] Advice to those starting out entering the real estate industry