In this inspiring episode of The Business Owners Podcast, co-host Clive Enever had a conversation with Martin Sharp, an acclaimed international consultant, coach, and author. Martin shares his remarkable transformation, shedding significant weight from his high-stress career, and emphasises the critical importance of health and fitness for business owners.

As a business owner and speaker, Martin aims to raise awareness about the impending health crisis among business owners and entrepreneurs due to sedentary lifestyles. He stresses the need to incorporate movement and healthy habits into daily routines to prevent long-term health issues.

In the episode, we cover:

  • The transformation that led Martin to a profound impact on his personal and professional life
  • Importance of integrating health and fitness into a busy professional lifestyle
  • Tips for scheduling family time, holidays, and personal activities
  • Emphasis on rescheduling commitments rather than cancelling them
  • Why the traditional fitness industry does not cater to busy professionals
  • Sustainable methods to maintain health and fitness
  • How to incorporate movement and healthy habits into daily routines

Martin’s journey to fitness provides valuable advice on balancing health and professional responsibilities, inspiring listeners to prioritise their well-being while pursuing business success.

Learn more about Martin Sharp:

You can find Martin’s work at


  • [00:42] Meet Martin Sharp: A Journey from Corporate to Fitness
  • [02:13] Getting to Know Martin: Coffee, Books, and Life Philosophy
  • [05:47] Martin’s Professional Journey: IT to Business Transformation
  • [09:23] Balancing Personal Life and Business: Martin’s Strategy
  • [13:06] Shaping the Future: Health and Happiness in Business
  • [15:02] Dream Projects and Final Thoughts