These days balancing work and personal life is not a matter of balance, but more about integration.

I feel there are a few things that allow me the flexibility to complete required tasks, have time with family and still feel that I am not forgetting about myself. You need to make time for yourself to revitalise yourself and maintain your resilience. This way you will accept all challenges and perceive them as growth producing and not be left with a sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Here are three ideas that have helped me integrate my work and personal life.


You will find this to be a peaceful time to do something that will light you up, something that will educate you, something that draws you closer to your dreams. Then when your day gets taken up by work and helping other people, and it will, you will still feel that you have accomplished something. When your brain is busy thinking about all the things that you must get done, it prevents you from being present in the moment. To be more productive you need to be present. You need time to think and learn on your own. This is where you will feel the greatest accomplishments and it won’t even feel like work. Being more organised will give you more time for you and your family.


When you recruit employees to expand or support your business, you are really asking these people to help you achieve your dreams. You either started the company because you saw an opportunity to make a living or you saw a problem in the world that touched your heart, and you wanted to make a difference. When employees are focused on meeting budgets and receiving bonuses, they are focused on money. When people work for you for money, they will be focused on what they can get for themselves. If you can give them a vision of why they are doing what they are doing, they will work because they are passionate and not work for the money.

How does that give you a break from work?

When people are passionate about what they are doing, when people can see the big picture and when they have the same goals and aspirations for your business as you do, you will be able to slip away and have a break knowing that your employees will be keeping your dreams alive, which are their dreams too.


When do you stop working and be grateful for the little things?

I started a marketing course in 2013 to help build my business and support my dreams. It was the best decision that I have made as it has helped me grow my business 200%. What was even better than business growth, was that the team at Basic Bananas (yes that’s their name!) taught me to celebrate the little wins. So many times we don’t know how to turn off from work. We feel that tomorrow may be a bad day and so we need to make enough profits to sustain us if things go bad. Now there’s a quick way to an early grave…

If you want life to have some meaning learn to set small achievable goals and celebrate each one. I am not saying that every weekend you need to go away as that would be ridiculous and meaningless. I mean spend some quality time with your family, have some well-deserved ‘me time’. When I want a break, I go out into the yard, listen to one of my mentors and do some gardening. It revitalises me and lets me feel that life has more meaning than just working all the time.

I hope these three suggestions help you as much as they have helped me. I used to have a 24/7 mindset and would push myself towards my goals. Now, I wake up in the morning inspired to have another incredible day, look forward to the next challenge, can’t wait for the next win and do the things that give my life meaning.