Renovating your office not only strengthens your brand, it increases productivity. An employee spends most of the time in office space, hence creating the right work environment in the office will help the employee be comfortable and relaxed in the workplace as well as an employee can produce the quality of work.

Here are some ideas to create the right environment for your office.

1.Using Light as Art

Using natural sunlight’s in office renovation is a great option to increase the productivity of the workplace as well as brighten the mood of the employee. Investing in windows and skylights are worthwhile. Lighting depends on the layouts. To create a pleasant environment it is necessary to install the right light in office space.

2. Go Green

Using sustainable office space not only makes the environment friendly but increases the productivity of the work. Some sustainable office designs are green web hosting, choose eco-friendly furniture and office equipment. The cost of the web hosting negligible and the impact is high.  You can bring the touch of nature by populating the office with more plants as well as using images of natural materials concept wallpaper. A single plant in the office makes the huge difference in the office and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of making the workplace comfortable and minimising injuries. Going ergonomic is the best choice for an office renovation. Using ergonomic furniture increases the productivity of staff.

4. Choosing Wise Colour Scheme

Colour gives a great perceptive about life. Colour should be chosen wisely to influence the employee to work.  Some colours like green, yellow, blue and red increase productivity while using a neutralised colour will give a modern twist to the work space. Light colours make the office look more clean as well as feel calmer.

5. Hang Art

You can make your office more polished by adding a wall design. Using nature art wallpapers, inspiring quotes and drawings make the place more enthusiastic as well as motivating. Wall art or wallpaper makes the place more interesting.

6. Reading Corner

Creating a reading corner in the office is the best choice where people can learn as well as they get a break from work. That makes people more valuable and increases people knowledge.

7. Transparency in Office

The friendly and open collaborative workspace is a new trend, where cubicles and closed workspace are passed for open space. Adding mirrors on the office refine the small office business look as well as increase the office space to look more professional.

8. Office Flooring

Office flooring provides a good first impression when you enter the office. Good office flooring must be welcoming as well as comfortable not slippery. Woods, vinyl and carpet are some of the suitable flooring options for the office. Two tone flooring is the best option for office flooring for creating a pattern that gives a good vibe to the employee as well as to the client.

9. Hire the best office renovation contractor

Hire an office renovation contractor who has more than 5 years of experience in office renovation, with knowledge in office renovation, interior design and handling the renovation process within your budget. Having a office renovation contractor who has a team of skilled electricians, plumbers, air conditioners, and carpenters is added advantage.

10. Including Breakout spaces

Having a breakout space in the office is popular these days. Employees work in the office, often for more than 8 hours, hence having breakout office space can help the employee to get a quick refreshment as well increase the productivity of the employee. These breakout spaces can be used for employees to have a small chat, discuss new ideas, and increase productivity.          


Planning an office renovation requires careful planning and creative design  to help you to get the best office. The above are some of the office renovations that should be considered.