The real estate industry thrives on networking and relationship development. Good marketing strategies are centred around getting your listing in front of buyers as soon as possible. The need of the hour is dynamic marketing strategies that you can modify according to developments in the market. Agility and uniqueness are essential elements of real estate marketing today.

Real estate agents constantly need fresh listing ideas to build a better presence in the market and create a demand for their listings. As the real estate industry overcomes the pandemic downturn, it is imperative to give your business a boost with a flurry of fresh leads.

We have compiled a list of seven top real estate marketing ideas that you can use to promote your real estate business.

Use 3D Renderings for Listings

Buyers looking for interesting listings online usually notice the images first and then read the details. Catch your buyer’s eye by using 3D renderings to showcase the exterior and interior of the home.

Virtual Staging for Marketing Imagery

Virtual staging is a revolutionary new technology that populates images of a vacant property with furniture and décor. It helps in creating attractive imagery for your listing. You can also customise the décor in this imagery as per the tastes of your target audience.

Professional Photography

Professional photographers understand the nuances of architecture and interiors. They know how to use design, light, and composition to highlight the good aspects and tuck away the less flattering parts. Skilled photographers even help you rearrange furniture to compose exciting shots for your listing.

Use 3D VR Panoramas for Websites

3D VR panoramas are interactive 360-degree views of your listing that give potential buyers a complete understanding of the interiors. Most 3D VR Panoramas also have clickable doorways that take you to other rooms or other parts of the home. Panoramas are immersive experiences that allow buyers to imagine themselves living in that space.

Use 3D Animations for Social Media

Social media is cluttered with property listings, and only a few listings can stand out. Make your listing unique by including a 3D animation video. Just like photos, videos are also an excellent way to catch a buyer’s eye and offer them an experience of living in the housing unit.

Floor Plans for Listings & Websites

Among the listing elements that help buyers understand the property well, perhaps the most useful is a floor plan. A well-drawn-out floor plan offers a complete picture of the home and gives the viewer an accurate idea of the dimensions and proportions. It is a simple way to comprehend the functionality of each zone in the living space.

Single Property Website

Buyers search properties online before visiting the area in which they wish to buy a property. Create a website to showcase your listing. Instead of creating one website with all your listings, create single property websites focused on a single listing.

Mix up your marketing game with new and old ways to promote your listings. When competition is high and market conditions are dynamic, the uniqueness of your listing and the quality of real estate marketing materials that you use can make a significant difference. Don’t be afraid to use new technologies like virtual staging and 3D house rendering to enhance your listings. Talk to us about new ideas in real estate marketing and generate new leads today!