In a recent survey, over 20% of businesses indicated an increase in security incidents compared to the previous year. Security is a part of your overall business strategy, as better security can help you to gain the trust of your stakeholders and protect your business from the cost of compromised data.

Keep reading for a complete guide to the top tools in the security sphere that can help you future-proof your business’s security strategy to face the challenges of the modern security climate.

Security Tools To Futureproof Your Business’s Security

Access Control Technologies

A commercial access control system is the cornerstone of a futureproof security strategy. Touchless access readers allow users to gain access to your building without inconvenience. You can install both external and internal door locks to ensure that access is restricted to both your building and areas within your facility. 

Bluetooth access readers can allow building occupants to gain access without reaching into their pockets to withdraw their mobile access key. Using mobile credentials instead of pin codes and key cards can help you save costs on lost keys and allow new occupants to download a key instantly for quicker building induction processes.

Access control technology can act as the foundation for an integrated security system. Integrating your building security features will allow you to view all security data on one interface for quicker resolution of security incidents and more straightforward data correlation.

Integrated Video Camera Systems

Video camera systems can provide two primary functions in your security strategy. Firstly, security cameras are a powerful deterrent for crime, as criminals will avoid buildings that have security camera systems. In addition to this, security cameras provide evidence after a crime has occurred, which can help police in their investigation.

When you integrate your video camera system with access control, it will be easier for your security staff to identify and resolve incidents of unauthorised access to your building. By integrating both security features, access logs and video camera feed will be easier to correlate and view on one interface to save time.

AI can also prove a valuable tool to enhance the effectiveness of your security camera system. Security staff cannot consistently monitor camera feeds due to their extensive responsibilities, so they will be less likely to spot a potential security breach in real-time. 

You can implement analytics to ensure that alerts are triggered when your cameras detect a potential security threat. This means your security team can focus on more critical tasks. They will be better equipped to use security cameras to prevent crime rather than simply provide evidence after a crime occurs.

Desk Management Software For Shared Work Spaces

Shared workspaces are becoming increasingly popular due to the rapid adoption of the hybrid working model. Shared workspaces can help you optimise your office’s functionality and provide more workspaces for employees when they visit the office. 

However, desk management software is necessary to ensure that employees can access desks and workspace when they visit the office. 

You can provide your employees with a user-friendly interface that displays your office floorplan with desk management software. The floorplan will indicate which desks are booked and which ones are available. The software will also show who has booked each desk to allow your employees to sit with friends or in teams when they work in the office. 

This software prevents employees from commuting to the office only to find no available desk space they can use.

Visitor Management

Visitor management software allows you to keep more accurate visitor logs. Visitors can use mobile registration forms on their mobile devices to access the building. 

Having accurate visitor logs is essential in a post-pandemic climate, as you will need access to visitors’ contact details to use in the track-and-trace program should an outbreak occur in your offices. Additionally, your security staff will have a reliable record of all visitors in the event of an emergency evacuation or security breach.

Automated Wellness Verification

You can integrate automated wellness verification software with your access system to help protect the health and safety of building users. Wellness verification software allows you to implement wellness surveys to understand your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. 

Wellness verification software works well to screen for coronavirus symptoms or check in with your employees’ mental health to determine the need for a wellness retreat or mental health seminar.


These top security tools and technologies can help you improve your business’s security strategy with future-proof technologies. With access control, you can create an integrated security system that allows your security team to quickly gain better insights into your security data and address security concerns. Consider investing in these technologies to gain your stakeholders’ trust and protect your assets.