Times are tough. We hear this all the time. What’s the definition of tough times? If times are so tough, why are some businesses booming and individuals living a very comfortable life? Who defines tough times? When is a good time to invest? In this article, we give you the answer – it may surprise you.

Invest? Now? Are you sure? It’s not a good time….

We’re always hearing about how times are tough. Think about it, when was the last time you heard an economic report that was positive and encouraging? However, while experts and acquaintances shower you with doom and gloom stories, many people continue to successfully invest in property. The wiser ones among us have invested in many properties and have built a formidable portfolio. So much for tough times!

Ask your friends and family about investing in property and they will provide many [usually misguided opinions] as to what you would not invest right now. This advice is often taken to heart. The result? Missed opportunities because of ill-informed opinions. Sad, but true.

Since 2001, more than 58,000 millionaires, each year have been created in Australia. You could be next!

So what is the key to investing comfortably? Pardon the pun, but if you foundations to your investment strategy are correct, the rest of your investment portfolio will be on the right track. This means, if you have a sound, long-term investment strategy, you are better positioned to enjoy many benefits.

Property performance can vary from other forms of investments. Factors including location and property type will provide differing results. It’s important to know the real estate market or conduct extensive research to discover the areas that have the potential to provide above average results. These areas often will not be close to you – making it harder for you to conduct research and understand potential returns from the best areas around Australia.

Research has shown the property to be less volatile than shares. Property returns tend to be more stable. The benefit of low volatility for property investors is that, while shares rise and fall quickly and sometimes dramatically, a property typically rises or falls in value gradually.

Banks will typically lend more to someone buying property than buying shares. Investment properties can be purchased at 80% LVR (loan to value ration) or up to 90% LVR with mortgage insurance. If you already own your own home and have a reasonable amount of equity in it, you may not even need to borrow a deposit.

We have many people speak to us who are unsure about the “upfront” cost of purchasing an investment property. We know many ways to reduce this expense – sometimes we can arrange your deposit so you do not need to dip into your savings!

What are you waiting for? Don’t put it off any longer. Don’t wait for glowing endorsement from friends and family that now is the time to invest in property. That will never happen. Stop listening to those who tell you “You’re mad” to invest in property at this time – especially if they have no investments/professional knowledge of the property market. Don’t wait for positive articles in the financial sections – that will also never happen – media tycoons sell their papers by printing doom and gloom. Invest now. There’s no time like the present.