In the fleet management field, businesses are moving beyond the connected vehicle. Unquestionably, technology has helped enable us to adapt vehicles to become more interactive with both the driver and the road. However, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning it can only get better from here.

At Verizon Connect, we work closely with customers to pinpoint not only their needs but also their pain points. The goal is to identify how we can help empower their mobile workforce and think beyond their fleet of vehicles to their workers and the work being done – what are the field workers needs while out completing jobs, how they operate the vehicles and what tools and equipment they need to complete the jobs efficiently.

Recently launched solutions have helped enable Verizon Connect to give businesses better visibility into their fleet vehicles. Businesses can now look up drivers’ schedule, location, and their journeys which help them to see more than just data, but can now help analyse that data to help inform their assumptions, helping them to become more productive and efficient.

For example, a smart video solution can use AI to identify and ‘see’ and analyse the events captured in the video. Clips can be categorised to further help classify and identify the type of driving event captured. This is vital during car crashes, harsh braking events and speeding instances, as businesses can now be more informed of what occurred with access to these video clips in near real time.

Gradually, we can expect to see these types of solutions to begin to integrate voice capabilities, more robust data analytics and other tools that will pair with AI and machine learning to continue to enable customers to communicate seamlessly with their customers. Ultimately, simplifying companies’ day to day operations can help save them time, money and offer more efficiency and safety to the drivers, while also helping them better serve their customers.

We continue to look into the future and know that the vehicle is at the centre of all the innovation that is to come.

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