In this interactive training you’ll discover how to use effective lead generation and connection strategies that shorten the time from bringing a lead into your sphere to converting them into paying customers and clients. You’ll walk away with a roadmap that you can implement into your own business, no matter your skill level.

You’ll Learn: 

Join Linda and Jennie Wright, Online Marketing Strategist, List Builder and Lead Generation Expert to learn:

– How to build a list of engaged leads
– How to connect with those leads in your email marketing
– What is the customer journey and why would this matter
– Taking the journey with your leads
– How most customer journeys fail
– How to convert your leads into paying clients

Meet Jennie:

The creator of List building 2.0, her own successful system of building your list through attraction and permission marketing and leveraging over 15 years of marketing, communications and branding experience for her clients, Jennie firmly believes that if you live your life with passion and transparency, you will create life-long success.
Having managed over 300 online list builds for her clients, Jennie is a passionate believer in organic, authentic list building techniques for her clients and mentors them through the process from start to finish.

Jennie is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs around the world develop intelligent and authentic marketing, branding and list building strategies that drive results. Her knowledge and expertise have many people referring to her as one of the up-and-coming business coaches for entrepreneurs.

An avid home cook, Jennie spends her downtime whipping up neat meals, or reading some trashy fiction for fun.