Thanks to digital transformation trends, business owners of today have transitioned away from viewing their competitors as local to global. With more businesses trading internationally, business owners need to consider how they can ensure that their brand leaves a lasting impression, not just for local customers, but also for prospective customers across the globe.

The word brand on a piece of paper with a cup of coffee.

But how do you ensure that your business branding is both accessible and memorable? And how do you make sure that your prospective customers will want to do business with you and your brand over your competitors?

To answer this question, we’ll be outlining our top tips for practicing unique and eye-catching business branding. Stick with us as we unpack how your company’s branding and promotional strategies can be optimised for success.

Produce thoughtful branded materials and signage

The process of producing promotional materials actually helps a lot of developing businesses find their voice. It’s all about creative products and visual elements that really encapsulate your brand and shape the tone of your brand communications. 

For this reason, it’s growing more common to see businesses playing around with innovative production techniques like acrylic laser cutting when developing unique business cards or business signage, or using 3D printing to create eye-catching promotional materials. Using these innovative techniques can help provide an effortless pop of colour and depth to your company’s branded materials.

Alongside using innovative production techniques, business owners are also encouraged to think about the messages, logos, or slogans that they add to their business signage and promotional materials. Are there any catchy phrases that can help elevate your visual creations even further? Be sure to brainstorm with your marketing team to ensure that your branded materials please both the eyes and the mind.

Revisit your company ethos and mission statement

Speaking of strategising when it comes to logos, slogans, or statements, it’s important for business owners to think critically about the kind of image they’d like their company to present to new customers. Brand storytelling can help your customers develop a meaningful relationship with your business and what it stands for.

You can practice brand storytelling by creating promotional materials or producing business signage, but this isn’t the only way. In fact, any opportunity to promote your brand can also be seen as an opportunity for storytelling. Your ‘About Us’ page on your website should also be a central part of your brand’s storytelling efforts.

And what are the best stories worth telling? Well, how about the story behind your business idea? All companies are built on a passionate ethos, so communicating that ethos to your customers may help them see your business just how you do – as a vital component of a larger quest to improve lives. 

This is why so many business owners are transforming their businesses into conscious brands, otherwise known as brands that operate to make a positive impact on the world. Conscious brands can be developed in pursuit of environmental, social, or even geopolitical goals. For instance, a company that sells locally produced fruits and vegetables, can say that they operate as champions of sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Similarly, a company that produces IIoT technologies, can also be champions of sustainability, as their technologies help to streamline businesses across the globe.

Find your company’s raison d’être and communicate it to the world. In doing so, you’ll find that all your efforts and operations become far more imbued with a sense of purpose. And your customers will follow suit.

Revamp your company’s digital presence

Nowadays, virtually all of the world’s brightest entrepreneurial minds believe that a great brand possesses a great digital presence. But we’re not just talking about social media here, although your social profiles do play a major role in your company’s approachability.

Revamping your brand’s digital presence should also include giving your website some TLC. One particularly unique way to do this is by adding interactive elements or tools onto your site that provide your site visitors with an abundance of value. A good example of this is IKEA’s VR design app (IKEA Place), which allows customers to use virtual reality in order to place IKEA furniture right in their own home to see their design planning come to life.

Providing your customers with digital tools that provide this unique kind of value can help position your company as an innovator. And once the buzz gets going, you’ll find that the momentum of that buzz can propel your brand to greater heights.

Harness the power of video marketing

Finally, content is key when it comes to engaging with your customers – be it digitally or in-person. And whilst we touched upon the value of content in producing your branded materials, this vital component of your company’s marketing efforts really exists on all levels of your customer journey – from customers exploring your social content, to reading through your web copy.

One particularly impactful (and memorable) way that you can ensure your content is poised to engage is by simply embracing the potential of video marketing. There’s a common belief that 1 minute of video is actually worth 1.8 million words. Whether or not this is true, you can’t deny that being able to showcase the people behind your company, or even being able to provide customers with a glimpse into your offices, can help make your business feel that much more real and accessible. 

Simply put, video marketing helps your brand feel more personable, as it allows your customers and prospective customers to put faces to names, and thus, feel more connected to and invested in the story behind your brand.


As you can see, practicing unique branding requires a thoughtful approach, no matter what medium you’re looking to create in. Thinking outside the box to produce promotional materials, business signage, social media content, web resources, and any other interactive elements for your customers to enjoy, can help your business make its own signature mark on your market. So get to brainstorming and see what your creative team can come up with!