Science has proven that our subconscious mind remembers everything that happened to us before we were six years old. Everything we ‘absorbed’ until the age of six has now saturated in our minds (like water into a sponge) and, without us being aware, became our subconscious beliefs that have impacted on our ability to manifest success and wealth and to achieve BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).

In crafting your next steps towards these goals and objectives, you first need to establish what it is that you REALLY want.  Afterwards, you need to make a plan and strategize how to make that happen.

Take the first step

Keep in mind that you don’t have to have all the answers or steps straightaway—this can be daunting and could be what’s preventing you from taking your very first step.

Once you start and get closer to your goal, it will seem easier and more attainable. Just keep taking one step after another (just like learning to walk). Each step you take leads you to the next step. Always keep in mind the ‘big picture’ and simply concentrate on one step at a time. If you’re constantly thinking of everything you have to do to achieve your goal it may seem overwhelming and scary.

Trust in yourself, and view it as a series of little bites and don’t give up. Keep solving every little problem as it arises. Just solve one thing at a time and soon enough there will be no more problems to solve and you will have achieved your goal.


Stop procrastinating and doubting yourself

Whatever it is that you are dreaming about, stop THINKING about it… and start DOING it! Step up and discover what you’re truly capable of. Whatever is holding you back (your success blocker), push through it: Be an action-taker, not an excuse-maker.

Your second-guessing is preventing you from taking action.

It often takes great loss, a huge setback or hitting ‘rock bottom’ (identified as a ‘turning point in life’) to give you that intense hunger to finally pursue your ultimate goal or passion with an attitude of ‘Nothing’s going to stop me!’. Use your ‘turning point’ as motivation, and look for the possibilities and opportunities it presents to make your goals a reality. Remember, you can not only survive, but also grow from your ‘all is lost’ moments—  we all have them—but it’s up to you how you view these moments and more importantly what are you prepared to do to turn them around, find a new path and change your story. Somehow you need to find your inner strength and the best way to do that is to focus on the benefits you’ll receive and the pain that will go away.

The most self-sabotaging position to be in is – to be ‘living comfortably’. Truthfully, it’s somewhat boring. If you’re comfortable, you haven’t reached rock bottom and are still somewhat satisfied with your life. There is no ‘fire in your belly’ to change your situation and bring about the incredible life that you desire. You are not as hungry to go after what it is that you want as compared to someone who is absolutely desperate to change their situation and bring about positive results.

Some people are so afraid of failing that they don’t try to pursue what they want, so no one can say that they failed. That’s not truly living life and giving it all you’ve got. Instead, that’s what I call ‘just going through the motions of life’, living safely and not daring to believe in or invest in yourself.


You don’t need to reinvent the wheel

If something seems impossible, think of creative ‘out of the box’ solutions to make it happen. There are shortcuts in life, but sometimes we think we have to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch.

Think about what it is you are trying to accomplish. What needs to come together for a successful result? Are any of these components readily accessible, or is there someone or a business that complements what it is you are trying to achieve? Follow what other successful people have done to achieve results similar to what you are aiming for. Be resourceful. With whom can you build a rapport for sincere mutual help and eventual benefit?

There are many pathways to success and to achieve what you want to accomplish. For example, if you didn’t get the high school/senior school results you needed for your desired university or college degree, you can take a bridging course and then apply again as a mature age student. While education is very important, you don’t only get one opportunity to get it right. It doesn’t determine your future success, and not everything depends on it. Find another path, another way around to get to where you want to be.

After many years of thinking about writing a book and having it all in my head, I decided to finally put pen to paper (well, in this instance, I started typing). In my head, while I had the information, it always seemed too daunting: Where would I start? How would I get it published? I didn’t know anything about the layout of a manuscript. I was overthinking it and creating problems that weren’t there! You just have to start and resolve each problem or question as it comes up.

It’s really empowering once you start. My only problem became the fact that I had too much written down, so I had to cull literally thousands of words to make it like a ‘miniskirt’: Short enough to attract attention but long enough to cover the subject.

7 Steps to Make It Happen:

  1. WRITE down your Dream / Goal.
  2. RESEARCH your Idea (‘What?’, ‘When?’, and ‘How?’).
  3. SET a Realistic Deadline (not one that’s impossible to meet).
  4. BREAK it down / Set a Timeline (work backwards).
  5. TELL someone you trust about it (become accountable).
  6. MAKE time for your Dream / START– don’t worry about what your first step should be. It doesn’t matter. Start anywhere. You can adjust how you approach it as you go, just like adjusting the sails if the wind changes direction.
  7. FOLLOW it through until completion.

Many people never start the journey to make their dream a reality. Either they are too afraid, too overwhelmed, too busy, have too many responsibilities, or whatever they tell themselves. It’s such a shame because without taking the first step, their dream remains just an idea in their head.

When there is something that you want to accomplish, don’t think, ‘I could never actually do that’, but rather think ‘I COULD do that and I WILL do that’.  Play to win.  Don’t play it safe to avoid defeat.

Successful individuals are no strangers to failure and they are experts on not giving up after experiencing a defeat.  They have usually found many ways that do not work before they come across the one that does.  Persistence pays off! You will need to be brave and allow for mistakes or setbacks.  Do not let this de-rail you though and keep your ‘end goal’ in mind.  Just keep moving forward.

Resilience is important, too.

Top tips to become more resilient:

  • Keep a positive mind-set and think positively about yourself.
  • Stop thinking of yourself as a victim,. Be strong and able to overcome anything.
  • Have high Emotional Intelligence (EI) and manage your emotions effectively.
  • Being a good communicator. Listen for their needs and speak to their dreams.
  • Not too much focus on yourself – focus at the bigger picture and the end result.

You will need to prioritize your time in order to accomplish your goal, and make some sacrifices along the way.  It may seem hard but it will be worth it.  As the saying goes, ‘Short-term pain for long-term gain’.


Time Management is Key

Use a diary or calendar to keep track of your schedule and commitments so you know where you are spending your time.

You will need to be able to say ‘No’ sometimes.  You cannot do everything so you need to prioritise what is important to you.  What is your intention?  What do you want to accomplish?


Be Devoted to Your Personal Development

 Self development is a powerful tool that can take you from where you currently are to where you want to be. Invest in yourself to clear blocks and attain new skills: Personal growth, is  seeking and learning to become the best version of yourself.

Growth, contribution and love are the ultimate human needs.  If we stop our own personal growth, don’t love what we do and we don’t feel that we’re contributing to something important, we become creatures of habit. Ultimately this is both unsatisfying and unrewarding. There is no fulfilment in remaining stagnant.


Create a life with more meaning and fulfilment


Find your true purpose in life: What brings you joy, empowers you, and energises you to have a life filled with more meaning and more fulfilment?  Utilise your individual source of strength and your desire for deeper meaning in life to conquer your limitations and resolve inner conflicts to prevent your mindset from wavering in order to really thrive.

Remember, it’s never too late to start over.  Don’t stay stuck where you are.  You deserve better.

Believe in yourself and your vision.  If you cannot believe in yourself – who can you believe in?