How do you feel about going out to find new customers?

Is it hard to get new customers?

Did you know that 67% of customers who leave a business do so because of “perceived indifference”? In other words the customer doesn’t know if the business loves them or not.

To help you get more customers to come back so you have to find less new customers I’m sharing with you my Top 10 Hot Tips to Create Repeat Profitable Customers. These 10 tips will save you marketing dollars and increase the number of customers you retain.

Here are my 10 HOT Tips How to Create More Repeat Profitable Customers

With all these tips try to personalise the one-to-one communications as much as possible.

1. Implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM system)

Many businesses have their customer, prospect and contact information in a number of different systems such as accounting systems, spreadsheets, notebooks, books of business cards, LinkedIn and Facebook contacts. Often additional or similar lists are held by several staff members.

The outcome is duplicated and often out of date data. Information is updated in one system and not another. Customers get frustrated with advising multiple times their contact details have changed.

Implement a CRM system and make it your “Single Source of Truth” about customers. You will reduce administration time, increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Also research showed revenue increases of up to 41% per sales person!

2. Contact past customers and prospects

Your database of past and present customers and prospects is one of your most valuable resources. Always look at ways to make regular contact and offers with these people.

Create groups (segments) of contacts so each messages can be better targeted.
Be sure to get their permission to send them newsletters, direct mail and other material.

3. The 7 day follow-up or thank you

7 days after a customer has purchased a product or service is a great time to contact them to see how things are going. This can be done by phone, in person or by “snail mail”. I do not recommend emails for this unless you can make it very personal and inviting to engage.
You can also check if they need anything else.

4. Birthday Card

Birthday’s are special time. However you need to approach them with caution. Providing you or your staff know your customers personally then send the a personalised birthday greeting. This can be an e-card but I recommend “snail mail cards. Send Out cards is great way to send a “snail mail” card (I’m not a distributor).

Give or offer a small free gift if you can. However, be cautious if you make a special sales offer.

5. Additional purchase offer after 30 days

30 day bonus offer – Research indicates that customers are most open to offers to purchase another product from a business within the first 30 days.

So consider what accessories or “add-on” product or service a client may benefit from. You may look to offer this at a discounted price. If you can offer two or more products or services which can be purchased together then offer them at a “package price”.

6. Upsell

Offer special deals on a higher margin product or service. Add value which cost you little but offers the purchaser a lot of perceived extra benefit.

Focus on customer needs and benefits that match those needs. Take the high ground – “This one won’t meet your needs, this one will because…”

7. Cross-sell product service

Offer a complimentary product or service e.g. if they are buying a printer offer additional cartridges or offer an upgrade to ones which will print more pages.
Amazon is a great example of cross-selling product offers. Customers often are so focussed on the main purchase they don’t look for them.

8. Anniversary of purchase

If you have products or services that last a year or more make contact and see how it is going. Check if they need anything else. Of course you would make a special “Anniversary” offer.

This is a great time to see how they are going and remind them you care.

9. 90 or 180 day Touch

Much depends on the type of business but I recommend you get in touch with your customers, prospects and contacts between every 90 and 180 days. These is a personalised communication to perhaps refresh contact details, changes in circumstance and satisfaction levels.

Much depends on the length of purchase cycle for the product or service and the life cycle of the customers. The longer the time between purchases the longer the duration between touches. The type of touch will also vary according to customer value and type of product or service.

I recommend you do not make a “sales” offer at this time. You are wanting to “Show Customers the Love”.

10. Use Social Media as Touch Points

Social media is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with customers, prospects and contacts. The level of interaction depending on the depth of your relationship with them. Social media is also a great way to build and strengthen relationships.

“Liking” a post is a touch. Post a link to an article they may be interested is a touch.
You can also get to know their interests better to help with your other interactions with them.

Be careful of being considered a stalker.