Every business involves an element of sales, which makes knowing as early as possible whether someone is a potential customer essential.  Clive Enever – The Business Mentor utilises his marketing and sales expertise to help business owners identify their “ideal client” and he is leading this skills webinar to help you do just that!

In this webinar we will discover:

  1. What is an Ideal Client
  2. How to Identify YOUR ideal client
  3. What it means to speak to your ideal client, rather than ‘anyone’
  4. How Knowing who your client is places you as ‘the’ expert
  5. How knowing your ideal client, increases your efficiency and saves you time
  6. How knowing your ideal client increases your referrals

About Clive Enever:

As a successful business coach, mentor, and strategist, Clive Enever has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in all key areas required to encourage business owners to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

Clive provides powerful and high impact mentoring to business owners,  using an approach that is warm yet direct and ever results-driven.

Clive’s clients attest to being able to build their success alongside creating the lifestyle they crave – putting an end to the myth that business success requires total personal sacrifice.

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The Educate Your Market Challenge is run by Business Business Founders Linda Reed-Enever and Clive Enever and is designed to show you ways tools and tips so you can educate your market too. Clive and Linda both love sharing their knowledge and in this challenge, they will take you through: Knowing your customer and how to say what you do Ideas you can use to educate your market Making the most out of Facebook Groups Ways you can educate and more.