We were excited to be joined by Facebook Ad Guru Kara Lambert, Kara shared with us so many pearls of wisdom, on Facebook ads and how to know where your audience is. Kara Lambert is a Business & Social Media Coach who focuses on teaching you all about how your client thinks and how they use social media. She started working online in 2000, uses her degree in Psychology, and her expertise in running Facebook based businesses since 2011. She coaches businesses on how she books out clients’ $199 services on just $10 of Facebook Ad spend a day. She is an active member of the BBB community and is increasingly sought after for interviews and articles about the human behaviour behind social media.

In this webinar Kara will show us:

  • How she sells $199 services on Facebook for $10/day
  • What to write
  • How to target an ad
  • And The cheapest way to run an ad.

Laura from Strings West kindly has offered her notes for those members who would like a copy:

Bonus Offer from Kara

Go deep on your social media, learn what motivates your clients. Unravel your Facebook Ad woes and get leverage on the Facebook Algorithm.