Have you checked your website on your phone or tablet recently? Is it mobile friendly/mobile responsive?

Remember, each day it isn’t is costing you leads, industry authority and money! NO EXCUSES!

Mobile responsiveness should be considered the most important web aspect you think about. The mobile or Smartphone responsiveness of your website says a lot about your business, expertise, professionalism and what you think of your clients as well as how they will perceive you. Each day you operate without a responsive/mobile friendly solution, is a day you’re single-handedly killing your business in more ways than one.

Why Your Website MUST Be Mobile Friendly

Put yourself in this scenario and remember that it is perfectly plausible and what most people do each day. You are a commuter and use public transport to get to and from work in the morning and evening. In fact, 75% of people who commute on public transport use a Smartphone or mobile device to pass the time by surfing the internet, checking out Facebook or similar. While online, they come across your website (you sell a service or a product) and it’s NOT mobile or Smartphone friendly. Bored, they leave your website immediately and go to your competitor who has a mobile responsive website and from that point on, they’re a loyal lifetime customer of theirs. Why? Because your competitor’s user experience was better and every element of their website sat nicely within their mobile or Smartphone device screen. They were able to navigate their way around the site freely and that clean and crisp website, armed your competitor with authority and a sense of professionalism.

In 2016, having a mobile responsive/friendly website is not only important from a consumer perspective, but also a Google perspective. Traffic, social media shares, on-page optimisation and mobile responsiveness are the most important factors for Google when the search engine comes to decide how it will rank your website. In 2015, Google’s algorithm changed, leaving millions of websites without a ranking because of the newfound importance of these factors and Google’s emphasis on them. This sounds harsh but it’s actually a great thing as it filters out the amateurs from the pros, delivering more desired and rich content that’s more relevant to your desired search.

If your current website is not mobile responsive, talk to your developer immediately and find out why because honestly, there are no excuses. Every website should be built with this as one of the most important factors no matter how big or small the business or website is. It is essential! Alternatively, there are some clever options on the market aimed at saving you money while making your website mobile friendly and getting you humming in Google. It also means you can keep your current content and basic layout if that is something that is important to you and your branding. WPConversions can take any website and convert them onto WordPress (the most powerful website platform on the internet, currently powering a staggering 26% of all internet websites). This enables your website to be a powerful, mobile friendly and Google friendly lead generation machine! Instead of allowing your business to die online, get a WordPress conversion: you will thank yourself for doing so and so will your business.

That said, there’s no doubt mobile responsiveness is vital to your businesses success. Always remember these five pointers:

  1. The commuters who travel to and from work on public transport, use their phones to search and purchase goods and services online.
  2. Perception: you want to be perceived as a professional, an authority leader and as someone who cares about their reputation within an industry. These factors allow your sales to skyrocket!
  3. Usability/user experience are both vital: you must have your potential client in mind at all times and their user experience is essential to your ability to convert them into a lifelong client.
  4. Google: don’t forget about Google as this search engine determines where, how and why you will be found with their ranking and algorithm system. You must please them.
  5. Remember, there are options for you if your current website is not mobile friendly, WPConversions will convert it onto WordPress for you. Contact them here.

Ensure 2016 is your year! Don’t miss out on opportunities unnecessarily because your website isn’t up to scratch. Getting a mobile/Smartphone friendly site isn’t difficult.