What the do we make of the US election result? Here in Australia there is a range of emotions from bewilderment to despair. The world will not be the same again.



This is our opportunity to focus on what we DO WANT and let go of what we DON’T WANT.

The more energy we put towards what we dislike, the less energy and focus there is for what really matters to us.

Let’s start by leading with values that inspire us: compassion, understanding, peace, abundance. We need to show up as brilliant lights of the best of humanity and not rail against what we see as its black hateful heart.

When we judge others, we lose our capacity to be leading lights.

Take the stones that you would throw and start to build a bridge of understanding.

All hate is born from pain. When we can acknowledge this, we can offer an olive branch of compassion. We need to understand why others see the world as they do and strive to make it a better place for all.

We can’t make 50 million people wrong. We can’t make 50 million people right. We are all in this together!

While some work to feel safe through divisiveness, lash out with hatred and bigotry, we can be a more inspired example. An example that is inclusive, accepting and based on love.

We can love our way through the hate.

What we can do is get busy doing good. We need to be leaders who strive to understand. We need to be leaders who seek the best for all people and planet. Be visible. Be vocal.

Make no mistake – this is hard and arduous work. To stare down what we loathe and see as the worst in humanity – and then to reach past it to model understanding takes tremendous courage.

Do this exercise: On a sheet of paper, list on the left hand side everything you despise about what you saw through the US election. Then on the other side, write the opposite.

Choose to live what you write on the right hand side of the page. Live that. Lead with that.

Share what you’ve written – what are you choosing to live and lead by? 

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