Is it that time in your business journey where you feel you need some valuable advice and guidance? Someone to help you along the way, or someone to be by your side when you take that next big leap of faith?

You’re not alone and there are Business Coaches and Consultants who can help. But what’s the difference between the two and how do you know which one you need for your business?

As a Perth Business Consultant who has worked with Business Coaches, I understand the key differences.

Read more to discover what these are.

Business Coaches create owner accountability

The main goal of a Business Coach is to help you honestly reflect on your progress and productivity and create a relationship of accountability.

A Business Coach will help your new business get established in accordance with the goals and objectives you want to achieve. A Business Coach will also keep you on track to ensure that your business is continually moving forward.

Overall, they provide support and opportunity for accountability, ensuring you’re working effectively towards meeting the goals that have been set.  The result of working with a Business Coach is creating a “plan of action” for your business and receiving support as you implement it.

Business Consultants helps businesses grow and scale

The main goal of a Business Consultant is to help your established business grow and scale.

Through systems, marketing, partnership introductions (relationship building with like-minded brands) and brand awareness strategies, a Business Consultant promotes growth, sources additional revenue streams and can open the door to diversification of a brand.

A Business Consultant is usually a subject matter expert who provides professional advice, planning and strategies, based on significant understanding, knowledge and experience.

Overall, the result of working with a Business Consultant is to increase your sales, customer numbers and expand.

Which one is right for your business?

Your choice between a Business Coach and a Business Consultant for your business will depend on your goals and where you’re at on your business journey.

If you need help choosing which one is right for you, I recommend you talk to both about your business goals, to get a feel for which one may be the better fit.