Data storage is something that every business must consider, regardless of the size. Even the smallest of businesses generate a lot of data – data that must be stored for many years and have failsafe security.

Up until now there have been limited options for the small business owner: clumsy, space-greedy hard drives, the construction of an expensive, high-maintenance dedicated server room or cloud storage that relies on the quality of a third party’s security were the three equally unattractive options.

But now, the world of data storage is undergoing a monumental revolution.

Micro Data Centres: A novel storage solution for businesses of all sizes

Micro data centres are, as the name suggests, a compact place to store and manage data. Yet this simple label fails to truly communicate the enormous and fundamental improvement that it brings to the secure storage of the ever-increasing amount of data that every company generates.

The many advantages they bring are being embraced in every industry. SMEs, in particular, have seized the multiple opportunities they offer. So, the question is…. Should your small business be doing the same?

The evidence for switching to a micro data centre is wholly compelling, offering wide-ranging benefits over more traditional data storage.

  1. Scalability: No need to invest a lot of money upfront to allow for growth. Buy what you need now, and easily upgrade when the time is right.
  2. Can be sited anywhere: Being the size of a fridge, the Zella DC can be located anywhere you choose. Super quiet running, it could be next to your desk, in a meeting room, or by the coffee machine.
  3. Cost-effective: From energy usage to infrastructure, a micro data centre offers a substantial reduction in data storage costs.
  4. Portable: Need to move offices? Simply bring your micro data centre/s with you – it’s as mobile as you need it to be.
  5. Environmentally sound: Extremely low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating, meaning a reduced carbon footprint and associated lower running costs.
  6. Ultra-secure: Both from a cyber and physical dimension.
  7. Fast delivery and easy setup: Short lead times and no need for a specialist set up. Management and maintenance are simple and inexpensive.

Small businesses have historically been disadvantaged when it comes to data storage, security and choice of options. Now, the world’s smallest data centre not only levels the playing field, but it provides an actively better solution to the complex area of data storage.