With five businesses in the Enever Group Family, Linda Reed-Enever knows what it is like to be busy and she also knows the importance of marketing, when it comes to sales and keeping your business going.

In the Make Marketing Part of Your Day workshop, you spend a day with Linda exploring techniques and tools to help you eat the marketing elephant one bite at a time and make marketing part of your day.

With Linda, you will cover:

  • The 5 Minute Mindset
  • How to find 5 Minutes within your day
  • What to do with those 5 Minute slots
  • How to expand on your 5 minute activities
  • PLUS 20 5 Minute Marketing Ideas you can implement

Linda will share with you techniques and tips so you can take action in small bursts, market your business and make marketing part of your day.

This is a working day where you will get to brainstorm and work with Linda on ideas for your business, and space is limited due to its interactive nature.

The Working Day is a LIVE event and will run with a Morning Session from 10am-12pm and an Afternoon Session from 1-4pm.