One of the best ways to build your brand is to work with the Media…but HOW I hear you ask!

That is where my Working with the Media eCourse comes in, I have taken my 15+ years of PR and marketing experience and face to face workshops to help you understand, be ready for and work with the media.

In the course we will cover the basics from getting started, what you need to know before going to the media, finding stories in your business.

How to write that media or press release, what to do after you’ve got an interview and how to follow up and make the most of your media coverage.

Working with the media has been designed for business owners who want to know more about how to work with the media or those who are just starting out, so come along and join me and let’s get you working with the media too.

What we will cover in Working with the Media:

Getting Started:

  • Welcome and Introduction to Working with the Media
  • What is the Media and what can it do for you?
  • Understanding the Media Jargon
  • Media Industry Terms Explained
  • Getting started with the Media
  • Planning to Work with the Media
  • What is PR?

Finding Stories in Your Business:

  • What do the Media look for in a Story
  • Finding Stories in your Business
  • Times in Business Where You Could Write a Media Release Exercise
  • Evergreen Content and How to Use It
  • Work Out Loud to Find Your Next Release Idea
  • Evergreen Media Release Ideas

Creating Your Story to Share:

  • Creating a bio for you and your business
  • Creating Your Bio Worksheet
  • Writing Your Available for Interview Profile
  • Creating your Available for Interview Profile Worksheet
  • How to Write a Media Release
  • Media Release Tip Sheet Checklist
  • Headline Tips to Help Your Release be Seen
  • Tools That Can Help You Create a Great Headline
  • The Power of Using Video in Your Media Release
  • Why Use a Media or Press Release What are the Benefits to Your Business

Sharing Your Story:

  • Building Your Media List
  • Distributing your release
  • Pitching your Story
  • It is time to set some Media Goals
  • Media Goals Worksheet
  • After you send your Release

Let’s talk Interviews:

  • Preparing for an Interview
  • During Your Interview
  • After the Interview
  • What Makes a Great Interview
  • Bridging Statements You Can Use in a Media Interview
  • Media Interviews at Events

Article Writing:

  • When to and Why write Articles
  • A Framework for Article Writing

Final Thoughts:

  • Making the most of your Media Coverage
  • That’s a wrap!


  • Release Templates
  • Available for Interview Profile Template
  • Guest Posts and Article Submission List
  • Action Plans for Your PR Campaigns
  • Media Profile Template
  • Media Contact List Template
  • Media Marketing & Promotions Planner
  • PR and Media Tools

Join Linda Reed-Enever for Working with the Media

What others are saying about my courses:

A fantastic resource, jam-packed with content

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this but I’m genuinely impressed with the range of topics covered. There’s everything from PR to social media and so on – what’s really impressive is how well covered each topic area is. You don’t just get an outline of what each is but you’re given easy to follow demonstrations that help you to run through the various tools used. I also really love the handy tipsheets. I’m sure I’ll be visiting this course again and again in time.


A quick and easy to consume course. Thanks Linda!


I LOVED the course – Linda packed so much juicy info into her videos and the framework file provided was fantastic too


I loved this course which provided me with enough information to get my head around press releases and PR. All the Chapters were short and to the point and easy to fit into my day.


Join Linda Reed-Enever for Working with the Media