Have you been thinking about utilising digital signage but keep putting it on the backburner thinking it’s only for big business and you’ll never be able to fit it into your marketing budget? Business income can be tight at times, especially for small businesses, but not only can digital signage help to increase your revenue, it can help you cut down on your advertising and marketing costs.

How Digital Signage Can Help a Small Business

You might be wondering just how digital signage can help your small business, especially when your marketing gets by on the smell of an oily rag some months, but with a little forward planning, digital signage can easily take over from the more traditional print advertising which in the long run saves you money on one-off advertising that loses its shine quite quickly.

One of the best things about digital signage for small business is that it levels the field – you don’t need to have a huge advertising and marketing budget. If your digital advertising is done well and targets the right people, there is no reason why you can’t attract customers away from your big budget competitors.

So how can digital signage help small businesses increase customer retention and spend?

Digital signage offers a huge recall rate amongst potential clients. A Nielsen study found that up to 75% of respondents recalled seeing a digital billboard in the past month, while 60% noticed one in the past month. This is a great retention rate and provides plenty of opportunity for small businesses to increase their customer base if their signage is done right.

Digital signage can also increase spending at the POS by around 30% as it feeds into the impulse buying section of our brains. Businesses often see big swings upwards in their sales volume once they have installed digital marketing as it gives customers the chance to easily see special and limited time offers.

5 Reasons to Include Digital Signage in your Marketing Budget

  1. Digital advertising is versatile enough to meet your goals, whether it be higher sales or your staff being better informed about the promotions and specials you are running in your business.
  2. Digital signage is completely adaptable – what other marketing system is there where you can change your messaging and promotions on the go, wherever you are, to meet the needs of your customers?
  3. If you’ve been looking for something that is highly engaging, digital signage is your answer. You can “talk” to a variety of customers at once, meeting their needs without needing to shell out for new print advertising for every target market you have. Because digital signage is engaging, people are more likely to remember not only who you are, but the products you sell or the services you offer and the great customer service they received.
  4. Have you noticed that more and more your customers are turning to online shopping before they come into your store? Digital signage gives you the ability to advertise in-store only promotions and special discounts that are only available on the day. It’s a great way to counteract those online shopping options, especially since your customer can walk away with the product in hand and not have to wait for shipping.
  5. Did you know that digital signage can increase sales in a retail outlet by around 30%? As many as one in five consumers will also make an impulse or unplanned purchase as a result of seeing a product advertised on in-store digital signs.  It’s easy to advertise your best sellers or favourite products when using digital signage, and by doing so, you are cementing in the mind of a customer that other people love shopping with you, so they should make their purchases from you.