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Forgot Your Password? LastPass Remembers

How many passwords do you have? How many times do you reset those passwords because you have forgotten them? Unsurprisingly it is common, and plenty of people spend far too much time resetting passwords over and over. LastPass is a secure password manager that saves, stores and organises all your login and password details into an encrypted vault. You can log in from any device as long as you remember your master login details.

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Eliminate Background Noise on Conference Calls with Krisp

If there is one thing working from home has taught many people, it’s that there really isn’t a quiet corner in the house when your children and partner are also learning and working from home. You’ve probably spent plenty of time muting yourself during Zoom calls, trying to stop the kids being noisy or sneaking into the wardrobe for a quiet place for your next meeting.

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Interact Quiz Maker: Attract, Segment, Convert Your Leads

Interact utilizes their expertise from working with thousands of businesses to empower their quiz maker. Choose from 800+ pre-made quiz templates already fine-tuned to attract your target audience. Personality Quizzes, Assessment Quizzes, Scored Quizzes – what do these have in common? The power to suck you in and not let go until you’re done. Discover a goldmine of information from your audience while they see your expertise in your questions and quiz answers/results.  This is what converts your quiz takers into more specific leads, subscribers and buyers. 

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